.Detuned – Review

.Detuned definitely goes down as been one of the strangest games I have played. Released on 15th of October, 2009 and described as a Music/Rhythm and Unique game on the PSN store. Created by German developers Farbrausch. This interactive music visualiser is sold for £2.49, and it only holds a fraction of its worth. If you’re playing on PSNow, great! Enjoy some easy trophies that you can earn in less than an hour, with the exception of the odd few. The game does have its short-lived perks, so here’s my verdict…

Test Subject

As you can see from the video above, you basically play as a geezer strapped to a chair. You’re going to be causing him a mischief, inflicting all sorts of head defying transformations upon him. Get him up and dancing; turn his head into a balloon or elephant, vampire, the combos go on. In all honesty, I was done with the game after 15 minutes but I could bear another 40 minutes before I was long passed bored.

To be fair the music of the game matches its style. It is clear to see that this games devs make a good demo but just can’t follow through to a full product by looking at .Detuned. The art style is alright, I feel like it could be as silly as it liked and it would suit the game. .Detuned makes use of simple transform adjustments, filter settings, time flows, zooms, animations. The background has some cute characters, combined with the music, it might be stimulating for a baby to watch briefly?

Despite its short lasting effectiveness, the game can at points make you laugh, but do not be exposed to acid when playing! .Detuned is what you make of it really, it is an idea that could have been pushed a lot further, or developed some more. You get what you put in really, not a great deal. The price isn’t a nice gesture unless it’s just a PSNow playthrough. If the gameplay was a pound an hour, this game would be 99p. This game receives a safe 2 because it does offer something different, all be it an incredibly short experience. What do you think?



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