Dual Brain Vol. 3: Shapes (Switch) | Review

Do-Corporation is at it again with yet another entry in its Dual Brain puzzle series. The first entry primarily specialized in solving mathematical equations, while the sequel broadened its horizons with mini-games requiring quick reflexes. This new game is all about shapes – you don’t say? – and while it doesn’t like a big step-up from before, the new batch of games offer still offer a bit more of a challenge this time around.

Much like the other entries, you must correctly answer each question thrown at you with a mere 60 seconds on the clock. If you choose an incorrect answer, then you’ll lose points and will be unable to pick another one for a few seconds. The ‘Dual Task’, a bomb with a lit fuse, can be seen at the bottom. Hitting either ZL or ZR will reset the timer, but it’ll add an extra second to the clock if this is done while the fuse is close to the bomb. If you’re too slow, it’ll detonate, and will reappear a few seconds later. Easy to learn, though tricky to master.

The games are a bit inconsistent in terms of how challenging they are. Best stick to Hard mode.

Now, onto the six new games. Flack Flick and Divide by Shape function pretty similarly when compared to one another. With the former, arrows pointing either  left or right will appear. If they’re in a blue circle, then you need to hit the corresponding button the D-Pad, but if it’s red, then the opposite button must be pressed. The second game has you pressing left if a shape is the same as the one shown in the previous example, or hitting right if it’s different. They’re not too daunting, though Divide by Shape suffers from an odd glitch at times: if you say two similar shapes are the same (e.g. a pentagram followed by another), the game will repeatedly mark it as a wrong answer.  

Just Fit is another easy trek. Diagrams with holes in them, like incomplete jigsaw puzzles, will appear. All you gotta do is pick which shape will fit. On occasions, some of the answers you can choose from will look very similar to one another, in an attempt to throw you off. It doesn’t happen very often, so picking the correct answers is all too easy. It won’t take long to complete it, either. 

The explanations and titles are poorly written, likely due to translation issues, but the objective is still made clear in each game.

The rest of the mini-games, however, will put up more of a fight. Figure Quantity and Box Count are counting games, where you’ll need to choose the correct answer via the D-Pad. What makes these more complicated is that, in the first game, the shapes are of varying colours, which is likely done to trick your brain (a bit like the Stroop Effect). Meanwhile, in the other one, the boxes you need to count are actually three-dimensional images, meaning some are hidden behind one another. There’s just enough time to complete these, but there’s not a lot of room for slip-ups, and that’s a good thing since it feels more tense as a result.

And here we have the toughest one of the bunch: Connect Shapes. You’ll need to drag the cursor over the shapes in the correct order as shown in the example. Thing is, there’s just barely enough time to answer all of them before the clock runs out. Even then, if you let go of the A button too early, or highlight the wrong shape, there’s no way to undo it before being penalized. Unlike the other games, even if you’re a bit of a pro at the Dual Brain series, you’d best practice on the Normal difficulty before stepping up to this one.  

You can always restart the game if it goes badly. Thankfully, the loading times are almost non-existent.

Yet again, everything else pretty much remains untouched. Same visuals, same music, same global leaderboards, and same pointless ranking system. Thankfully, it still offers some tricky games to play that remain accessible for gamers of all skills, plus they’re more creative and challenging compared to the ones seen in the first and second. Dual Brain Vol. 3 may as well be the best of the trio, though it’s nothing groundbreaking. On the whole, it’s another lightweight pack of puzzles that still shapes up to be a fairly entertaining title on occasions. 

Game code supplied by developers.


3 Stars

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