Godly Corp

Christmas time is a time where I try and relax a bit, get away from all the day-to-day stress of work and play some games. Some games are definitely easier to do that with, and my choice of Godly Corp definitely doesn’t fit the bill of ‘a relaxing time’, but it did look fun. It’s a game where you play as a godly, tentacled being, looking after a different planet each day, each coming with their own unique challenges.

Interdimensional Multitasking

Godly Corp feels like a cross between Octodad and Surgeon Simulator. You have to try to manoeuvre around your desk, picking items up, pushing buttons or squeezing items with your tentacles, and it’s all really tricky, but also really fun. Each task has you do increasingly challenging things that push your limits, especially as you’re trying to control a tentacle that really does not like to be told what to do. Some of the tasks are rather fun, some are difficult, and some are nice and relaxing – like watering trees on a small planet. Then, occasionally, you have to fight off hordes of invaders in your office using a pistol, while still maintaining your planet.

Functionally, the game is actually pretty clever. You can do pretty much everything with your tentacle, and each time I was asked to do something new, I was staggered that I was able to do it. The one that really hit it home was quite early in the game where I was asked to wrap my tentacle around something and squeeze it. It’s amazing how much they actually put into the game, because even though the tasks – when doing them all at the same time – were getting tricky, I was never finding myself getting bored with it.


I’m not the greatest at multi-tasking as it is, and while Godly Corp does ease you into it, it does get pretty stressful pretty quickly. It does seem to be quite the ‘in’ thing to have frustrating games, and now that I’m an old man, what I want to do is have fun with a game, not get annoyed with it. Individually, all the tasks are really well crafted and quite fun, but when you have to do two or three at the same time, it starts to get a little too much for me.

Aurally, Godly Corp is a bit of a disappointment as well. It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s pretty forgettable. The voice over as well is rather irritating. I can see what they were trying to do with it, double it up so it can sound otherworldly and give the impression that the player really is an intern for a god, but it just sounds annoying. It’s not well recorded and is significantly louder than the rest of the game, so it feels really shoddy.

The Final Word

Godly Corp isn’t a bad game, but it doesn’t really appeal to me either. The art is pretty hit and miss, as is the sound, but there are some good parts to it. The controls and tasks that you’re asked to do are pretty ingenious, and things that I never really would’ve thought to do in a game like this. It’s also pretty challenging, due to the wacky tasks you’re given to do, so there’s definitely a lot to enjoy in this game. I’m just not great at multi-tasking, so it stresses me out too much for me to enjoy!


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