Grandpa and the Zombies

The Switch is a wonderful console. There are such a wide variety of games on the console that it’s still difficult to see what direction it’s going to go in. Obviously, it’s a phenomenal bit of kit and really does enhance the way people play games. These days you don’t necessarily need to sit in front of a TV to play a triple A game, as the Switch lets you carry it with you and take it on the go. As such, a lot of different games are being released on it. And some of them are slightly disappointing.


Grandpa and the Zombies is definitely a game that disappoints me that it’s made the transition to the Switch. I can definitely understand why the devs wanted to put it onto the Switch – it’s essentially a large tablet, so definitely suitable for their game. But at it’s core, Grandpa and the Zombies is just a simple mobile game. It’s a puzzle game that has a lot of different levels and some pretty cool ideas to it, but it’s a game that is definitely more suited for the phone. It looks like a phone game, it feels like a phone game, and it plays like a phone game. That’s not to say phone games can’t be genuinely quality titles, but I bought the Switch to play games that I couldn’t just download for free on my phone. It doesn’t feel like they’ve really utilised the full power of the Switch, and due to this I was just disappointed with it regardless.

Some hope

Grandpa and the Zombies is still a relatively fun game though. The puzzles are pretty straight forward to begin with, but the difficulty curve as you progress is actually really good. It never overwhelms you, but does tickle your brain quite nicely. There are a bunch of different zombie types – some you want to avoid, some you want to attract, and knowing what to do with each one before you make a move, and then seeing the whole thing come off is a very rewarding moment. There are plenty of levels as well, so it does take a little while longer to complete than you’d think. It makes it a perfect game to play while sat on the train or bus, because there are a lot of tricky levels, but none of them take too long to complete on their own.

The Final Word

Despite the fact the game is a free to play – with in app purchases – game on your phone, Grandpa and the Zombies is still pretty fun. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for the Switch, because it is a mobile game, and I firmly believe that Nintendo shouldn’t allow games like this onto their console because it lessens the quality of it. These types of games are just quick cash grabs for the developer while offering minimal content that you wouldn’t get on the phone. It’s not a bad game – in fact completing some of the puzzles to their maximum can be quite fun, it’s just not a game that should be on the Switch.


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