Hidden Through Time (PC) | Review

I was quite excited about Hidden Through Time. It’s the follow on to Hidden Folks and I thoroughly enjoyed that, but felt it left me a little bit short. After a bit of a stressful period, I was looking for a relaxing game though, and I know that’s exactly what I can expect with the Hidden games. Nice and relaxing, until I can’t find an object then a minute of intense frustration.

Quality is easy to spot

If you’ve done a Where’s Wally book, you know what you’re getting with Hidden Through Time. Instead of trying to locate Wally though, you have to try to find several different objects that are dotted around the map. Some are sneakily hidden behind different objects, some are moving around the map and you need to be quick to click them, and some are much more easy to locate. It’s basically the current generation of Where’s Wally books.

Hidden Through Time does a marvellous job of pushing beyond the bar previously set by its predecessor, Hidden Folks. There are plenty of brilliantly constructed maps and hundreds of objectives to find, but in this edition, you also have a map maker. With a built in online mode, so you can instantly share your map and play other people’s maps. Currently, as the game is new, there are quite a few maps where you can tell the creator is just learning the ropes, but the map maker is incredibly powerful. Everything that is in the game, is in the map maker, and so if you want to make a challenge for someone, you can really test their limits with the creation tool.

Standard to the Hidden franchise, the game is absolutely adorable. There are some really cute animals and humans dotted around every map, and every object can be interacted with. Most just make a little noise, but some will perform an action as well, giving you a bit more to do in the game in order to find everything that Hidden Through Time has to offer. It also has a soothing, relaxing and enjoyable soundtrack too. It’s one of those soundtracks that you could leave on and work to, because it’s so chill. I did the exact same thing while I was writing this review!

Too Hidden

Occasionally, the clues with the items you have to find aren’t particularly great. It’s a very rare occurrence, but given that I’d want my child to play this, there were a few clues where I’d wonder if they would know where to look. Aside from that, there are occasionally some hints that aren’t as simple as finding them. Again, there were only a handful, and you are invited to click on everything in sight, but it feels like it’s a bit of a stretch from the usual objectives and I spent ages trying to figure one clue out, only to realise I had to click on some stone obelisks to carve them down. It’s harsh to describe it as a flaw, but as it’s unexpected, I’d say it fits as one.

The Final Word

Hidden Through Time is a terrific little game. The story mode is quite short, but the ability to make and play online maps is fantastic and gives the game so much replayability. Couple that with the adorable factor and the fact that my only gripe is a very thin one, and it leaves you with a very fine game. It’s definitely one that you could give to children as well, and it’ll keep them occupied for hours.


4 Stars

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