Hitman 2: Hokkaido Snow Festival | Mini Review

What is it?

‘Hokkaido Snow Festival’ is a bonus levelĀ for the stealth-action title Hitman 2. It features a new target set in a tweaked version of the Japan mission. Silent assassin Agent 47 eliminate crooked factory owner Dmitri Fedorov, who is residing at Hokkaido’s illustrious GAMA hospital. It was introduced as a limited time level for the game in early 2020, and was added as a permanent addition at the end of the year. With a data transfer, you can play this mission in Hitman 3.


PC, Xbox One, PS4

Unlockable reskinned weapons, outfits and briefcase.
Offers new challenges with XP payouts.
The garden in the hospital has been redecorated, and looks pretty.
Only one bodyguard follows the target, and removing him is easy.
Everything else remains unaltered.
Doesn’t offer any semblance of a challenge.
The snowball is a novelty unlockable, but otherwise useless.
No reason to replay it once you’ve beaten all the challenges and got the gear.


‘Hokkaido Snow Festival’ is most certainly one of the worst missions to come out of the Hitman series in recent years, since it’s just so unimaginative and dull. At least it contains some nifty gear to acquire.


2 Stars

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