Hitman 2: Special Assignments Pack 2 | Mini Review

What is it?

Hitman 2: Special Assignments is a DLC level pack for the stealth-action title Hitman 2. It contains two new missions and targets set in slightly altered versions of Hitman 2‘s Florida and Washington D.C. maps, whereby master assassin Agent 47 must track down and kill two snake oil salesman of a shady bottled water company. It is part of the Expansion Pass, Silver and Gold Edition of Hitman 2.


PC, Xbox One, PS4

One more reason to revisit these two maps.
Both missions are interconnected with a mini-story.
Bundled with new challenges and XP payouts.
Offers various ways to eliminate the targets.
Lighter to tackle compared to the main missions.
Again, no new equipment or suits to be unlocked from beating these specifically.
Only uses up a tiny fraction of the map, but everything else remains unaltered.
Pitifully easy and brief compared to before.
Not enough enemies to make it difficult to approach the target.
Very little make these stand out from any other mission in the game.


Brief, boring and uninspiring, the bonus levels in Mission Pack 2 for Hitman 2 are woefully lackluster and pitifully effortless to complete. Two words, Io Interactive: mission failed.


2 Stars

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