Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins – Act 2: Pride | Mini Review

What is it?

Seven Deadly Sins is a series of content packs for the stealth-action title Hitman 3. It contains ‘Escalation Contracts’ – each begins with a series of objectives. Completing them will increase the difficulty and introduce new challenges and restrictions. Act 2: Pride features ‘The Pride Profusion’ – it’s made up of three stages of difficulty, and takes place in an altered version of the mission set in Chonquing, China, albeit within Agent 47’s subconscious. Weapons must be acquired from a table featuring a peacock ornament — a mysterious voice instructs and commentates on your performance and decisions made.


PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

You get a sparkling silver suit and a silenced, armour-piercing sniper rifle variant.
Targets depend on the weapons you pick.
There’s an ‘easy’ and ‘difficult’ route — the latter gives you more challenging weapons and adds more restrictions.
Challenges for taking either route, or even taking both across the three levels, adds some well-needed replayability.
The boastfully or harsh commentary is pretty entertaining to hear.
Reskinned sword is of limited use for the main game.
Level layout and appearance remains untouched.
The easy route is (deliberately?) underwhelming since all the targets are nearby each time.
Everything is unlocked after playing the first level – why not spread it out for each challenge?


With more variety to choose from here, Act 2: Greed is actually pretty good stuff. Sure, the easy route is going to underwhelm regular Hitman players, but it’s there for the less experienced. Meanwhile, the top brass may enjoy the challenge that comes with the trickier route. The unlockable loot isn’t all that impressive, but the additional commentary from the voice of Pride is a nice touch. The developers probably feel a bit more proud of this one, but then again, it still feels like a series of hits without many other neat twists alongside — you could create all six routes in Contracts mode, after all.


3 Stars

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