Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins – Act 3: Sloth | Mini Review

What is it?

Seven Deadly Sins is a series of content packs for the stealth-action title Hitman 3. It contains ‘Escalation Contracts’ – each begins with a series of objectives. Completing them will increase the difficulty and introduce new challenges and restrictions. Act 3: Sloth features ‘Sloth Depletion’ – it’s made up of three stages of difficulty, and takes place in an altered of the mission set in Dartmoor, England, albeit within Agent 47’s subconscious. His stamina slowly drains over time, especially after performing actions like body disposal or kills. Once it hits zero, your health will drain until you die — each contract must be completed before that happens.


PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

You get a sludgy black suit, an Uzi variant, and a brand new (and non-suspicious) sleeping gas proximity mine.
Some targets will change when you replay the stage. Otherwise, plenty of opportunities and collectible weapons to cause accidents or get the kill.
The timer is a unique addition that makes you feel both rushed but also wary of how much moving around you’ll be doing.
Knocking or killing the jogger offers 50% stamina back – a high-risk, high-reward inclusion.
Challenges for dealing with the jogger, maintaining your energy above a certain amount, and earning Silent Assassin rankings give it more replayability.
Only the third level requires you to explore the mansion for targets.
Still may not be enough to justify a purchase at full price for some just yet.
You still earn all the rewards upon completing the first mission alone.


Ironically, the DLC with a focus on laziness clearly has the most effort put into it. Act 3: Sloth really picks things up with a new mechanic that really ramps up the tension and forces you to think carefully on the fly. The new loot is pretty sweet, and the additional challenges defniitely bloat this package up (finally, there are missions for completing each act with the top rank!). The redesigned garden near the greenhouse has received a nice new look to it, and the weather has changed. Athough, the mansion is largely unchanged, and the first two escalations tend to be fixated on targets around said greenhouse. Nevertheless, this is easily the best of the bunch as of yet.


4 Stars

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