Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins – Act 4: Lust | Mini Review

What is it?

Seven Deadly Sins is a series of content packs for the stealth-action title Hitman 3. It contains ‘Escalation Contracts’ – each begins with a series of objectives. Completing them will increase the difficulty and introduce new challenges and restrictions. Act 4: Lust features ‘The Lust Assignation’, a single-level escalation that takes place in a Berlin nightclub, albeit within Agent 47’s subconscious. A private party is taking place, ran by the physical embodiment of Lust – she asks you to unlock safes scattered around the level, in order to acquire hints about who her secret admirer is.


PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

You get a swanky red suit and pretty nifty crossbow that temporarily blinds foes.
Requires some sleuthing and riddle-solving as well as stealth.
Randomized safe locations and bachelors give this level plenty of replay ability..
Optional objective: kill the pretenders once you make a successful guess. Challenging, but very fun.
Safes can be opened with explosives – new equipment (which are floating on podiums) is scattered across the map.
Already got enough reskinned remote mines, so why give us another?
Only a single level in this Escalation.
Makes me wish any other parts of the map got a redesign, not just the private party.


Hitman meets blind dates and ‘Guess Who?’ in this highly entertaining and challenging escalation. Sneaking around and cracking open safes while in your base suit is tense enough, and the option to eliminate the fake admirers is perfect for purists who want an extra challenge. Despite there being no other levels, it’s still well worth revisiting. It’s “love-ly” stuff.


4 Stars

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