Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins – Act 6: Envy | Mini Review

What is it?

Seven Deadly Sins is a series of content packs for the stealth-action title Hitman 3. It contains ‘Escalation Contracts’ – each begins with a series of objectives. Completing them will increase the difficulty and introduce new challenges and restrictions. Act 6: Envy features ‘The Envy Contention’, which takes place in Mendosa, Argentina, albeit within Agent 47’s subconscious. 47 must compete with a rival assassin in order to execute targets for points.


PC, Xbox One, PS4

You get a cool suit-hoodie combo.
All three levels require you to explore the whole map.
Plays like Ghost Mode in Hitman 2. Competitive element gives it a lot more replayability.
Optional objectives require you to kill targets in specific ways, making it all the more tense.
Numerous challenges require you to beat all three missions in one go with Silent Assassin and Suit Only restrictions, perfect for challenge-hunters.
Another reskinned sniper rifle and a boring knife? That’ll hardly make any non-DLC owners envious…
You can delay the AI by running into him repeatedly.
Level hasn’t been given any visual tweaks.
Makes me wish they’d bring back Ghost Mode to Hitman 3 already…
Same targets each time, it doesn’t mix them up in any way.


I was quite satisfied with this one. While the bonus loot was disappointing, and the samey-looking map was unfortunate, the new mechanics for this one is where it excels. A competitive twist against the AI, where you’re forced to think on your toes and weigh your options – is it worth going for a specific means of killing a target, or would that mean the opponent would waste them before you do? – is no doubt exciting. it might be enough to give other non-DLC players a case of the green-eyed monster.


4 Stars

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