Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins – Act 5: Gluttony | Mini Review

What is it?

Seven Deadly Sins is a series of content packs for the stealth-action title Hitman 3. It contains ‘Escalation Contracts’ – each begins with a series of objectives. Completing them will increase the difficulty and introduce new challenges and restrictions. Act 5: Gluttony features ‘The Gluttony Gobble’, which takes place in Chongquing, China, albeit within Agent 47’s subconscious. The voice of Gluttony guides 47 to feed a giant pig statue with ingredients for a starter, main course and dessert. Ingredients can only be collected from pig-masked guards in highly-defended areas, whereby the correct weapon must be used to acquire food from them once killed (e.g. killing a block guard wearing a blue pig mask with a grape knife will cause them to drop a bundle of grapes).


PC, Xbox One, PS4

You get a cool suit with a cape and bubblegum that knocks out NPCs that eat it.
All three levels require you to explore the whole map.
Plenty of targets to choose from, so there are all sorts of paths and routes to take.
Optional objective: collect additional ingredients adds a bit more length to these missions and offers bonus XP payouts.
Multiple areas of the map have been decorated – market stalls, excessive quantities of food, buffets, etc.
Reskinned shotgun is of limited use, especially in the escalation.
Unnecessarily killing pig guards harbours no punishment, making it a bit more lenient.
No variety to the optional objective, just collect slightly more foodstuffs.
Piggy’s rewards (e.g. explosives) for feeding him are mostly useless.
Easy to complete most challenges, including the bonus objectives, in the first sitting.


Two steps forward, one step back – the fifth DLC isn’t going to bring you back for seconds, despite some of the appetizing hors d’oeuvres that it offers, namely the new outfit and sedative, the redecorated areas, and the numerous targets you can take on to get those ingredients. Unfortunately, the bonus objective is the same each time: get two more bundles of grapes, fish, bananas or meat bones on top of the designated quota. Maybe with some other complications thrown into the mix, like a timer, and some more demanding challenges to go alongside, it could mix things up and make each level in this escalation contract feel just a bit less like a slight alteration of one another. Alas, it does nothing of the sort. You’re going to be left with a grumbling stomach if you’re after longevity and a challenge.


4 Stars

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