inFamous: Second Son – Review

Have you ever dreamed of harnessing the elements around you and using them to shape the world? If so, the inFamous series offers you this very possibility! inFamous: Second Son, is a spin-off of the inFamous series and is great fun to play. Whether you want to tear up the city as a bad-ass villain or save it as a superhero, inFamous has just what you are looking for. This Action/Adventure game brought to us by Sucker Punch Productions has a great deal of fun to offer you.

Seattle & Karma & Smoke, oh my…

The story follows a young man who goes by the name of Delsin Rowe. You are tasked with saving your people and fighting against the forces of the D.U.P. Branded a Bio-Terrorist for your unique abilities, you and your big brother head to the city of Seattle to seek answers. Delsin is a cool and easy-going young man who is gifted with great artistic skill as well as the ability to absorb and take the powers from other Bio-Terrorists. You start by being able to use the abilities of Smoke and from there, you learn to use your powers to explore Seattle and go up against the Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P.).

inFamous: Second Son, plays out like an open-world adventure game. You have an area of play, several missions and activities to accomplish and enemies scattered around the map. The most fun part of the whole game is using powers to navigate the map and beat the crap out of enemies. The game also features something called a Karma rating. This is used to determine how good or evil you are. If I was to give you some advice before you started the game, I’d tell you to play it through twice. Once for a solid good game, and once for a solid evil play through. The use of Karma also aids in a slight RPG style level up system where you unlock enhanced versions of your powers to make them stronger.

With great power comes… Great fun!

Your powers define inFamous: Second Son, they contribute to the overall experience of the game. You will gain access to four different types of powers throughout the course of the game, each having its pros and cons respectively. Each separate power also brings something to the table, this keeps the player progressing just to get their next power. The elements will assist you in navigation, combat and recreation. But with great powers comes absolutely no responsibility, seriously, go nuts! The map of Seattle isn’t the largest map in any game by far and as this is my first inFamous game, I can’t compare it to previous instalments. But it is a fun place to be and is clearly designed with exploration and manoeuvrability in mind. The map is also littered with numerous activities to accomplish in order to get that 100% rating. This includes graffiti art, destroying drones and fining secret agents, all in the name of expelling the D.U.P from the City of Seattle.

Graphics & Sound

The game has its own unique look, it is flashy and modern. The graphical style may not be the best for its time but it definitely gets the idea across, the key for me is how powers look. The aesthetically appealing visuals look great and add to the feel of each power. Certain aspects of the game are very stylish, such as the graffiti art you will be spraying on walls. The game uses particle systems on a whole new level, very glamorous glow and deep smokes make the world feel more alive.

Voice acting has to be praised in this game, some of the narratives are truly comical and feel at home within a comic book world. The music and sounds all come together in this game to add to a smooth and dynamic experience. The monologues of the main character: Delsin Rowe are a pleasure to listen to as well. One way this games sound did bug me, however, was the speaker in the controller. I am an old-fashioned type who praises the initiative of the controller speaker but doesn’t want to use it. The game has no feature to turn off the controller sounds so I had to head into the actual PS settings and turn it down to zero.

End Game

This game has a nice amount of repeatability to offer the player. inFamous: Second Son has the option of two playthroughs, one good, one evil. It also houses three difficulty settings, to make it accessible for all types of gamers. Second Son even has some bizarre little challenges in the trophy menu to spice the experience up a bit. Sadly, the game is rather short, so despite the repeatability factor it offers us, the experience is short-lived. I feel like this game could have offered us more. Maybe a few more areas to explore or a couple more missions to play, but nevertheless it is charming in its own right.

In summary, inFamous: Second Son is a delight to play. It’s a lot of fun and gives something to the action/adventure lover inside of us all. Anyone with a taste in comic book heroes and villains will find something here to enjoy. The flashing lights and combat will entertain you alongside the platforming elements and skyscraper crawling. Gliding through the air and blitzing through pipes; bomb dropping onto enemy soldiers; redefining the art of parkour; it’s all inside. inFamous: Second Son will provide you with plenty of fun and memories, but it will also be short-lived. Great game, could have had more to it. Are you ready to be a Bio-Terrorist? Or a hero?



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