Jak 3 – Review

Naughty Dog has done it again! Jak is back for one last hurrah as he and his best pal Daxter get ready for another adventure. Jak’s third title is almost unrecognizable to the first game. If you’ve played Jak II you’ll be interested to hear Jak 3 isn’t as difficult as Jak II: Renegade, and that it also expands on a lot of the Jak II gameplay.

Ending An Era:

The story carries on a short while after the second finishes. Our adventure begins when Jak is banished to the wasteland near Haven City after the people reveal their fear of him. You’ll quickly become wrapped up in trying to stop an ancient enemy, know as the dark makers, from destroying the planet. This time around expect to find out more from Jak’s origins. Some missions can be transparent and the progression is fast. Meet old friends and new in the final chapter of the Jak & Daxter PlayStation 2 trilogy.

Jak will have access to both dark and light eco powers – bringing the past two games full circle. Naughty Dog decided four weapons just wasn’t enough, now you have twelve. Popular and signature mechanics remain, but the game also offers a fresh challenge at the same time. Getting your hands on actual cars is different, I was unsure about it at first, but it grew on me. The game has a whopping 600 precursor orbs to collect and is jam-packed with secrets to buy. Enemies are also more creative than before, and the new Dark Maker enemy gives some extra variety.

This time around, something seems a bit more colourful. It’s hard to pinpoint what gives this lasting impression when comparing it with the second. In comparison to the first, neither are as colourful. Seeing Jak mature through the games really reflects in the art style. Continuing the direction of the second, Jak 3 improves upon many factors in the art department. The sounds are as crisp as ever, a lot of them are ported from the other two games. The development of voice acting is also a joy to listen to.

Farewell Friends:

Jak 3 is a fitting follow up to Renegade. It works hard to solidify the mechanics of the last game. The beginning might leave you feeling rushed into it, but by the end, you’ll be left wanting more of it. The replay value is huge in this title. Along your way to collecting 600 precursor orbs, you’ll be delighted to hear that you have a truck full of secrets to uncover. Increased weapon damage and tiny heads anyone?

To summarise Jak 3 delivers just as potent an experience as Renegade, with a larger world and a helpful of collectable goodness. Jak 3 is a near-flawless experience and a fitting end to a fantastic trilogy. Plenty of new weapons and vehicles await you in Jak’s final hurrah, so what are you waiting for?



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