Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy – Review

Not many games gently come into our life, sprinkle that magic euphoria wand, then drift back out again. Jak & Daxter is one of those few rare games. This review was made from the Jak & Daxter collection, available now on the PlayStation Store. Four great games. One great price.

Bold Beginnings

Although the story behind Precursor Legacy is a little short-lived, it’s well done and that’s what counts. We follow¬†Jak¬†and his buddy Daxter. Jak has the ability to channel Eco through his body and use it to fuel powers like enhanced mobility, fireballs and increased attack strength. Daxter was transformed into an Ottsel with dark Eco, and the pair journey across the land to revert Daxter to his original self. Along the way, you will meet some humorous, yet memorable faces. Uncovering power cells as you go to help you power machines in your journey.

Game-play wise, Jak is a solid example of good games design. Levels are well made and don’t reuse assets or old prefabs as much. The game plays out as a 3D-platformer and packs more charm than the James Bond box sets. As you run, jump and punch your way through the world, you will find various collectibles and consistently come across new things. Jak keeps it fresh, all the time. Straightforward game-play also makes the experience memorable and rewarding.

A Work Of Art

Jak & Daxter’s graphics shine as another area where the game triumphs. The cartoon art style mixed with a semi-cel shaded world help deliver one beautiful game. Looking at the graphical style and some of the animations, it’s not difficult to see the resemblance between Jak & Daxter and its big brother, Crash Bandicoot.

Sounds are delivered crisp and fresh. Funky and memorable music is left ringing in our ears hours after gaming time. The way music intensifies and calms down during certain points of the game is a key part in the whole experience. Although voice acting is a little rough around the edges, I can forgive that given its release date and the company’s past products.

Jak’s Unmissable Adventure

The game is a pretty easy to 100% and overall it offers players around twelve to fifteen hours of solid game time. The trophies are smooth, simple, and push the player to collect everything. How many times you wish to replay the game is up to you; clean-up, after the game is over, is pretty straightforward. However, the community has plenty of guides up should the need arise.

Overall, Jak and Daxter deliver a must-play experience to all gamers. Jak and Daxter and the Precursor Legacy and The Jak and Daxter collection are a very good investment, with a bang for your buck. Although the game is dated, it still makes a nice trip down memory lane for most players. The experience is still as vibrant and memorable as the first time I played on PlayStation 2. A really great game with lots to offer and a perfect start to a fantastic franchise.



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