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Kitty Powers

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a dating sim which puts the player in the role of an employee working for the titular Kitty Powers in her matchmaking agency. The game was originally released on iOS back in 2014 by developer Magic Notion and publisher Mastertronic Group and later received a PC release on Steam during April of 2015. It is also now available on Ps4 and Xbox1 by publisher Stellar Games.


The gameplay largely consists of selecting potential love interests for your clients and guiding them through dates in the hopes of successfully pairing them off together. As you continue to play Cupid you gain XP and currency to level up your agency in order to unlock new restaurants, clients and vanity options for use on dates. The mini games are split between memorisation, chance and quick time events, none of which are particularly engaging or fun and unfortunately quickly become tiresome.

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker starts off forcing you through a tutorial which highlights every correct response to make your first match but doesn’t tell you what you’ll be expected to do when you’re on your own. The first few dates are pot luck since you’re asked to remember details about the weather, your date’s clothes or your waiter’s appearance without any pretext that these things would be important. As I continued to play, frustration gave way to boredom as I began to take note of any relevant piece of information expected to regurgitate in between the roulette rolls that make up the rest of the experience. There is a progression to the game as you level up and your client base begins to diversify, coupled with new restaurants providing new mini games that can happen during a date. Unfortunately none of it adds any real depth to the game.

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Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a blindingly bright and colourful game from it’s title screen to it’s menus, characters and backgrounds. The whole experience looks cheap and amateur and invokes the feel of a browser game. The limited animations and large cartoon aesthetics paired with a scattering of backdrops do not leave any lasting impressions.


The game is also rather hard to swallow as you are confronted with lack luster innuendos from the outset. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is packed with reductive and fourth wall breaking attempts at humour that fall short of the mark every time. It’s hard to say who the target audience for the game is since it has all the trappings of a casual, idle game to play while watching TV but it expects you to remember so many minute details too frequently that it requires your full attention.


Outside of a limited amount of people on Twitch who may get some use out of Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker for streaming with audience participation it is difficult to recommend this to anyone. It has a core currency system that would be more suited to a free to play model. Fails to give depth that a game enthusiast would enjoy while also demanding too much attention for casual audiences. It constantly assaults the player with dated sexual innuendo and lowest common denominator humour. The only redeeming qualities I can think of is that it handles sexual and racial relationships in a progressive manner by allowing same sex and inter-racial couples and has no running issues to speak of.

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