Knack 2 (PS4) | Review – Second Time’s a Charm

Developer: SIE Japan Studio

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)

Release Date: September 5 2017 (NA); September 6 2017 (PAL); September 28 2017 (JP)

Platform: PlayStation 4


Knack was one of the first games released for the PlayStation 4, being a fairly okay game, but without anything that made it special. Now, Knack 2 had the task of really showing the franchise’s true potential: the combat, the puzzle, the story and the platforming. And so it did. Mostly.


After saving the humans from the goblins in the last game, everything is well. That is, until ancient weapons from the extinct high goblins are found. Now, it falls to Knack and his friend Lucas to save the humans once again from the evil goblins.

Such beautiful cartoon visuals and particle effects from Knack’s body.


Clearly, this was the part the developers cared for the most. This game improved in so many aspects from the original; it made me think that’s where they always wanted to go for all along. In the original, you could basically punch and dodge. Here, you can choose between punching and kicking, the heavy punch (which is a marvelous attack) and other power ups you get along the way. Not to mention the skill tree, which allows for even more abilities to be unlocked as you progress. It may not look like it, but if you’re looking for a challenge, the Very Hard difficulty is not just pretending to be hard, it is the real deal. Not to mention, all can be done with your friend in local Multiplayer!

Besides the combat, you also have platforming to take part in, which is quite easy, especially considering how easy it is to control the character in the air. Still, the platforming is quite fun since you can change sizes at anytime now. Puzzles are also available. Since the game is targeted for younger audiences, none of these puzzles are particularly difficult, but they do break the repetitiveness of the game, so they are very welcome.

Change your size with the press of a button to find small hidden areas.


This part is a bit more complicated. This game is targeted mostly for children, that much is clear. So, the story is rather simple, and that part is completely fine. But, the game treats the player a lot like a child, with very on-the-nose dialogue and heavy expositions to make sure the player remembers everything that’s going on. There’s no subtlety in the characters; they are very obvious in what they say and do. Aside from Knack himself and sometimes Lucas, the other characters can be pretty bland. Personally, I think the game should do its story more similarly to a Disney / Pixar movie, where the target audience is clearly the young demographic, but it’s very much enjoyable for older audiences.


This game offers a lot of stuff along with the main story. Firstly, you can find chests hidden throughout the levels, offering items that can give you many bonuses on the journey. Along with that, you have a New Game+, a stadium to practice your fighting a time challenges. Many playthroughs are necessary to unlock everything, especially skills. Everything can be done with a friend in local Multiplayer (Note: only local. Online is not available).

Though they’re not that good looking, the extra skins give extremely powerful abilities.


Knack 2 is a huge improvement from its last installment, making everything better, from combat to platforming, gameplay and visuals. This is a perfect pick for people who enjoys games that don’t take themselves too seriously. If you like cartoon-ish, beat ’em up games – or maybe you’re a parent and you want to turn your children into gamers – this one is a good choice.



4 Stars

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