Let’s Sing 2019

It’s been a while since Let’s Sing first appeared on consoles, following in the footsteps of the Singstar franchise – a good seven or eight years after that initially released, and they’ve come up with another version of the game for 2019.

Dua Lipa, Sia and Beyoncé all rolled into one

The catalogues are fantastic, and they’re presented in an excellent way. Rather than forcing you to download and install everything, you’re given the option to download only the packs of songs that you would like to sing. For me, this was mostly 80s and 90s pop, and they have a rather terrific selection available for you regardless of the music you prefer. Having Soft Cells’ Tainted Love, alongside classics from Queen and No Doubt are what makes this catalogue genuinely marvellous. Each song is catchy and comes with a difficulty rating too, so you know if you’re in for a fun sing song or a nightmarish and embarrassing time.

To go along with the singing, the presentation of the game is actually pretty fantastic as well. You have your chosen avatar – which is generally a fairly ugly thing – singing in front of the video of the song you’re singing. So it feels almost like a duet, with the words coming across the screen, broken down into syllables in various length bubbles denoting how long you need to hold a note for. The menus of the game as well are incredibly well made, far better than I would expect from a game about singing, but they are sleek, clean and extremely well made.

The vocal equivalent to playing the bagpipes badly.

Probably to be expected, but one of the potential downsides of this game is that it’s pretty rubbish if you tried to play it single player. It definitely isn’t awful, and you can still have a lot of fun if you like singing on your own, but the real fun of this game is when you have a few friends over and try to out-sing eachother. You can still play through and sing all the songs solo, but to me it felt awkward, though that may just be my brain telling me that I’m bad at this. And it wouldn’t be wrong, as the game appeared to agree with it!

I do have another issue with Lets Sing 2019 though. I use my phone as the microphone connection to the game, and it can be a bit flaky. While for the most part it will push through most of what you do in a timely manner, there are occasions where it just doesn’t do what you’re expecting at all and due to that, you end up losing points that you really feel like you earned. It’s different through other mediums – headset is significantly better, but if you choose to use your phone it may not be perfect.

The Final Word

I did not expect to enjoy Lets Sing 2019. I thought it’d be a horrible experience that would be, ultimately, incredibly embarrassing. But it wasn’t, it was a lot of fun and even though singing solo felt a little awkward, it was still a pretty fun experience and when you have people over it’s even better. Definitely a surprise for me, but a welcome one.


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