Lost City of Vampires

By and large, I’ve avoided the Battle Royale genre of video games. I’m not very good at shooters, especially not over the shoulder shooters set at a frantic pace. Give me a nice, stealthy game where you can take your time and pick the perfect shot over a game where there are 99 other people trying to murder you. There doesn’t seem to be too much in the way of training to get yourself up to speed with these types of games either, but one indie developer thought he’d give it a shot and created Lost City of Vampires – a battle royale game that can be played with 99 bots.


The main thing that I’d say Lost City of Vampires does right is the map it has in store for you. It’s largely made up with pre-made assets that have just been nicked from wherever, but they still have to be organised and arranged into a coherent and interesting manner. The map is fairly decently sized, it has plenty of areas to explore, including a few hidden areas, and lots of different buildings to hide in. The hidden areas can be well worth locating, as you’ll often get more ammo, health, armour or other things to help you win the match.

The main draw for this game is the fact it is single player, which means there are no annoying children, no die-hards that know the game back to front. Just you versus the AI, in a battle to try to hone your skills and perhaps find your way to being a better battle royale player in general. It may get a little tedious after a little while, but I actually feel like I got to grips with the game – and the genre – just by sticking with it and trying to blast every vampire which came my way. There are also a number of different ‘types’ of vampire or enemy to keep you on your toes, which means that when you think you’ve got one done and dusted, you’ll get struck from behind by a garlic vampire who will quickly deplete your health.


So, in a battle royale game, as I understand it, the idea is that it’s all against all. This makes it fun, because you can have different tactics. You can go all out offensive, or you can be a bit more stealthy and stick to the shadows. In Lost City of Vampires, you can’t. Or at least, not really. What happens is that despite the fact there are 99 other enemies on the field of play, they don’t care about eachother. They only want to kill you. So if you wait until you’re all in a small zone, that’s 99 people and you. They always manage to evade the shrinking field, so there is no attrition there, you just have to attempt to kill all of them on your own, which removes what I would find most enjoyable in a Battle Royale game.

The Final Word

I can’t really make up my mind with Lost City of Vampires. Yes, it’s pretty good for what it is, but given it isn’t actually a battle royale game that it suggests it is. It’s just you versus 99 others, and it can be quite a pain in the neck trying to get through it all. For £6 it’s on the cheap side, so maybe worth getting if you really want to get into the battle royale genre.


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