Minecraft Console Edition (2018) – Review

Of all the games we’ve had over the last decade or two, Minecraft offers a very unique, sandbox service. It takes the fascination of playing and building, combines them, then sprinkles its own magic dust on the game’s experience. Mojang created a masterpiece with Minecraft, and they know it! Unless you’ve been hiding under a very large rock in a very remote part of the world, you’ll have no doubt heard of the block-tastic phenomena that is, Minecraft. Whether you’re looking for a new game to play, a way to express yourself or just relax and have fun, Minecraft can offer you this comfort.

The Building Blocks Of Life

It’s difficult to explain the story of Minecraft. Because sure, it does have its own kind of story surrounding the Ender Dragon (not to be confused with Minecraft: Story Mode), however, you are a massive input and influence on your own personal story. Every building you build, every tunnel you dig, it leaves a mark on the world.

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I love getting lost on Survival, creating towns in the middle of nowhere is basically the whole game to me. The time and effort you put in combined with the creativity and imagination you use is a great coupling. Minecraft takes me back to when I was a kid and I’d play with Lego.

Obviously, there’s a lot more you can do within Minecraft other than building. Crafting, farming, levelling and exploring are all part and parcel of the survival experience. Fighting off enemies and adventuring with friends will provide you with countless hours of entertainment. Minecraft even has a player vs player mode now.

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The “Minecraft authenticity” factor

The Minecraft look is pretty much an everyday sight. Something we see in all its blocky magnificence and think, yep, that’s Minecraft. I myself have reimagined many things, in reality, to look like they’re from Minecraft in my head for a period after playing the game, I consider this to be square eyes.

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The Minecraft soundtrack is something to behold. Addictive and somewhat intoxicating music plays along in the background whilst you play, combining this with the placement of blocks, you have what Minecraft sounds like. Dungeons and underground chasms use sound to immerse the player, enticing them to journey further into their dangerous belly to collect diamonds and gold. Enemies have distinct and in some cases beyond creepy sounds that alert the player to their presence. Then there’s the old jukebox if you fancy setting the atmosphere yourselves. Minecraft doesn’t just look, feel and play great, it sounds great too.

One for the Trophy Cabinet!

There’re infinite amounts of replay value and enjoyment to be had with Minecraft. Mojang really did a number on us trophy hunters too. The game offers players a heap load of trophies with the base game, including a coveted platinum trophy. They also included a load of trophies up for grabs as part of their free DLC’s. But, like I said, you make your own story a lot of the time. How your journey throughout your world as survival plays out won’t be the same as another player’s world.

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Overall, if you’ve never played Minecraft, give it a shot. This game’s fanbase is huge and the community is great. If you’re not interested in Survival, go for Creative and build to your heart’s content. Great game to keep the little ones quiet, fun for pretty much all ages. Available on all modern game consoles and PC, what’s stopping you, go dig some diamonds today!



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