Mumba Nintendo Switch Carry Case | Review

Nintendo has always boasted about how great it is to play the Switch as a handheld device outside of the comfort of your home. You know what’s not that great, though? Dropping it on the floor, scratching its screen, or soaking it with water. Tossing it in a rucksack isn’t enough to keep it completely safe when you’re on the move. Nevertheless, if you’re after a protective case to carry your precious console and its pricey accessories in, Mumba’s carry case is an excellent choice.

The case’s rubber exterior is hard enough to absorb any scratch or bump without leaving any noticeable marks, and water spillages doesn’t seem to affect the contents either. It’s not completely rigid, but it’s versatile enough to protect the goods from getting squashed, too. No problems to report with its zippers, too. Additionally, it comes with a strap that you can carry with your hand or clip to a bag with little fear of it snapping off.

While its exterior is bulky and tough, its interior is soft and spacious, thus protecting it from any sort of buffs or scratches. There’s more than enough room to fit a handheld Switch, even with its Joy-Cons attached, along with some (but not all) protective shells. It’s held down with a single tight strap, which is enough to keep it in its place when unpacked, though it can be a little slippery.

Alongside all of this are two pouches that can hold up to 20 Switch game cards, and a netted compartment with enough space to hold a charger, additional Joy-Cons, and even a single Comfort Grip. The latter will bloat up the case a bit, but it’s not enough to bust the zipper or mangle the case’s shape.

All in all, Mumba’s Switch Carry Case is a brilliantly designed piece of gear that guarantees safe storage for your handheld Switch and all of its goodies when you’re on-the-go. The price is the biggest issue here. It’s notably pricier than other ones in the market (getting it in another colour will only cost a few extra quid on top, which isn’t completely unreasonable). Rest assured, you’re definitely paying for quality here, so every penny spent is undoubtedly worth it.

Product donated for review by Mumba. It can be viewed and purchased on Amazon UK.

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