Nanairo Reincarnation (PC) | Review

Everyone knows that the only thing you need to solve a mystery is a harem of demon babes. Well, at least that’s the case in Nanairo Reincarnation. After all, you know it’s not wise to question logic in video games. Anyway, in this visual novel – developed by both Silky’s Plus Wasabi and Silky’s Plus Alpha, and published by Sekai Project – you play as the generic-MC-turned-spirit-detective Kagami Makoto, who is tasked with purging his town of ghosts with his clairvoyant powers. On the surface, it looks like your typical VN filled with the usual clichés and waifu material. That’s still true, but there’s a lot of twists, drama and romance to be found in this engaging and occasionally-emotional title. 

Makoto has arrived at his recently-deceased grandfather’s home, only to discover it’s home to spiritual beings. They reveal that they can only be seen by people with clairvoyance, and it just so happens that everyone in his family can do the very same thing. With the help of his newly-found friends, he continues the work of his selfless granddad by helping the ghosts of the deceased finally pass on toward the afterlife. He makes more friends along the way, both human and supernatural deity, and you can expect complications and wackiness to ensue. 

Incoming sad moment.

It’s a well-written title, with a digestible amount of exposition to fill you in on the supernatural aspects of the game and your role in all of it. This is wrapped within more than a few layers of silly jokes, thanks to its quirky cast of characters. Sure, some of them may feel like cookie-cutter tropes, yet they’re still a likeable bunch that have plenty of energy and some entertaining chemistry between one another. However, it still handles the mature situations with a lot of care and taste, making them all the more impactful. Oh, and there’s plenty of fanservice to boot (your hands can thank me later).

Speaking of fanservice, Nanairo Reincarnation has some fabulous art to enjoy. Each environment is vibrant and detailed, and the character designs are heckin’ cute. Some of the  anime-like facial expressions will probably slap a smile on your face, as well. Plus, if you love puppies (I think you know what I mean), you’re gonna be in for a treat, as there are more than a few ladies with, erm… ‘memorable personalities’. 

Too many cute faces to count.

There’s also a free +18 patch for some extra lewdness, if you’re into that (not gonna judge… not outloud, at least). Thing is, it’s not always full of adorable faces and sexy chicks. You can expect some graphic scenes on occasions, so there’s a splash of horror elements to behold in this one. Considering how unsettling these sights can be, it’s definitely a good thing. After all is said and done, you can re-examine these scenes in the Gallery, as well as the soundtrack in the Jukebox. The OST isn’t particularly interesting or memorable, though it fits its roll well enough. Oh, and don’t expect any achievements for this one…

At times, you’ll be given a few decisions to choose between. These will have an effect on the flow of events in the game, and will determine which ending you get, not to mention which character you’ll likely end up hooking up with. While it’s not a particularly interactive VN – these decisions are fairly spacious in between the pages upon pages of text – the romantic themes of the game are still handled really well, which is complimented further by the aforementioned solid writing. Feelings between Makoto and his spirit buddies develop gradually over time, and the character development for each of them feels believable enough.

The first spirit you encounter is a cute dog. The sightings get incredibly weird as the story develops.

Nanairo Reincarnation promises to be an entertaining experience, balancing humour and romance well enough. Fan service, silly jokes and beautiful visuals are all to be expected here. It’s a solid rom-com with some fun interactions between the cast, not to mention more than a few surprising moments that’ll tug at your heartstrings. It’s a solid pick, and well worth recommending to any VN fans and lewd-minded people alike. 

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4 Stars

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