Party Hard

Party Hard

Partying isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t particularly enjoy the loud music, the plentiful alcohol and the drunken crowds. The normal response to this is probably just to call the police. Maybe go around there and tell them to shut up, if you’re feeling brave. There is another option, which not too many people decide to take, but is definitely an option. Murder everyone. It might be a tad more work and a little bit messier than the rest, but Party Hard definitely tries to illustrate the viability of breaking up a party with a knife.

Heart Stopping Fun

Although I’ve put a lot of time into Payday 2, particularly the stealth heists, I’m pretty clumsy. I often think of myself as being super sneaky, but usually the truth is far from that. Instead of planning my course of action, I tend to be a bit more gung-ho. I like to try things before thinking too hard about them. Normally, when you think about things, you think your way out of it. From playing Party Hard though, I have found out that murdering people isn’t something you want to take too lightly. While not many will fight back, you will get spotted by someone and they will report you to the cops. Most of the time. Sometimes, if you leave a corpse around and someone spots someone else near it, they’ll tell the police to arrest them instead. This, after some trial and error, is the route I decided to go down for most of the start of the game. Murder, scarper, and let someone else pick up the bill. It’s a nifty little aspect of the game that I really enjoyed. I found myself waiting around, finding a character who didn’t like how I danced, and framed them for murdering five people. It added a whole new dimension to the game, beyond the usual stealthy murder and hide the bodies aspect, and I loved it.

Murdering people in Party Hard is fun. There are a surprising amount of ways to bring an end to people’s lives, and even when I thought I’d seen it all, there was more to see. You’re given a sighter at the start with what you can do – stabbing people and throwing them onto barbecues – but there is so much more. I played through the first level a dozen times, each time the layout was slightly altered, and gave me different ways of killing everyone around. Are people hanging around outside? Hot wire the car outside and run them all over. Maybe there’s a buffet? Poison it and watch people lose their guts. Or maybe, you’ve exhausted the methods dotted around the map and you don’t want to run up and stab people. All you have to do is pick up the phone. Call in a favour. Who knows what will turn up? But more often than not it’ll result in a lot of bloodshed. Also quite possibly cops, but they’ll probably get distracted by everything else.

Party Hard murder methods

Poison, fire, or just plain ol’ stabbing?

Stick to games.

The major thing wrong with Party Hard isn’t anything to do with the gameplay. It’s entirely in the cut-scenes between levels. They have been drawn perfectly well, with no real animation in them, just average pixel art scenes with a couple of guys speaking over the top. This speaking is amongst the worst voice acting I’ve ever, ever heard. Not quite as bad as Black Sails, but it’s pretty awful. Both sides of the conversation are trying their hardest to put on a voice to suit the character. One is a chirpy, inquisitive police officer, and the other is a grizzled and bitter detective. Neither of them sound in any way convincing. Neither sound like anything more than a couple of teenagers who think they can act. It’s incredibly cringeworthy, and makes it a struggle to get through. Even though the cut scenes are, at most, five minutes long, it’s a real slog to get through them. I took to muting the game as these scenes would play out, because it was too painful to continue listening.

Party Hard cut scene

The art is pretty decent, but the voiceover is horrifying.

The Final Word

If you avoid the cut scenes, Party Hard is really fun. There is something really enjoyable about tampering with equipment to make it blow up and kill people. Everything in the actual gameplay is incredibly solid, other than maybe the stamina being a bit small. You get new characters as you play through the game as well, and there is Steam workshop integration to play new levels too. It’s an incredibly fun little game, and well worth playing.

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