Plusysee Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch | Review

Looks like we’ve got another Switch controller on our hands for an accessory review. The Plusysee Wireless Controller, a Switch accessory with a budget price tag, looks awfully uncanny. Does anyone remember the failed excuse of a games console that was the Ouya? Well, this is pretty much the same thing, albeit with a new paint job. 

Initially, my first impression of this was not too hot. While it felt clunky and chunky in my hands for the first few minutes, I actually warmed up to it really quickly. I can’t see younger gamers using something like this, though everyone else should be able to use such a piece of equipment with relative ease. The buttons and triggers are responsive and sturdy, much like the analogue sticks (you’ll get used to the audible clicking noise they make when you wiggle them around). Plus, there’s a turbo button, which might come in handy for a lot of games. 

Oddly, the position of the screenshot and home button are where the + and – buttons are positioned, which I think is an odd design choice. The D-Pad feels a bit stiff, too, but is no doubt functional. At the back of the controller is a power button, which is pretty handy for cutting the power without having to disconnect it through the console itself.

Not only are the grips comfortable to hold for long playtimes, but it also features motion controls (something that the Ouya controllers never had), and they work perfectly – smooth and fluent with no noteworthy issues. The battery life is said to last for upwards of ten hours, and that you can play it wirelessly from up to ten-meters via Bluetooth. Rest assured, after plenty of testing time, I can safely say that the advertising is true to its word.

Never mind the fact that it’s a recycled piece of kit from a failed console that seldom anyone remembers. The good news is that the Plusysee Wireless Controller’s impressive battery life, functional controls and comfortableness makes it a perfect pick for any Switch owner who wants to save their pennies. Its additional bells-and-whistles, like the newly implemented motion controls, all work without any issues, so there’s little to bash about such a handy piece of kit.

Product donated by YRXHCH. It can be viewed and purchased from their Amazon page.

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