Puzzle Puppers – Review

Whoever didn’t call this game Noodle Poodles missed a trick

Whoever didn’t call this game Noodle Poodles missed a trick

Whilst the Nintendo Switch library is quickly filling up with 2D platformers and retro aesthetic titles, Puzzle Puppers firmly places itself as an interesting and visually charming puzzle title that may hold more depth than you would assume.

The game tasks you with leading each stretchable pupper to it’s food bowl, which starts fairly simply but quickly turns into a devilishly tricky game of planning and weaving between many dogs whilst tackling obstacles on each of the 80 levels. The earlier levels slowly introduce the games mechanics, with just a single dog to feed, whilst the games lack of a timer gives you the ability to sit back and look patiently at a puzzle until you can deduce the answer. These early puzzles may seem to fly by however, while they serve as the tutorial of sorts they don’t pose too much challenge until you start to get to around level 20. From here on out the game quickly turns into an infuriating but rewarding challenge.

Soon many puzzles require you to get one of the different coloured dogs to their bowl, effectively locking them in place, to then move the other dogs around in a newly opened angle. This and other techniques make for a wide array of variety in terms of puzzle solving, as well as the already myriad ways to beat every level. Each level contains a certain amount of meat pieces that serve as the levels collectibles, and although you may find a simple way to solve a level, it may not be the best solution and allow you to pick up all the collectibles which are eventually needed to unlock more levels.

The experience altogether is a fairly simple, yet adorable package that serves as the dressing for an increasingly devious and tricky puzzle game Whilst it’s a fairly short experience, with the first 20 levels flying by, the end puzzles come up with some truly hair pulling moments that deliver a wonderful feeling of satisfaction when finished. If you’re after a really pleasant puzzle game to wile away a free afternoon, Puzzle Puppers is highly recommended.












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