Retro Mini – Beneath A Steel Sky

Developed by:Revolution Software
Format played:Amiga CD32

Taken from Ten Of The Best – Amiga CD32

What Is It

Perhaps not an obvious choice for a console hit, this point-and-click adventure from Revolution Software, in collaboration with comic book artist Dave Gibbons, was released in 1994 and immediately established itself as one of the strongest entries in the genre.

They may seem passé now but at the time, adventure games were a staple of the Amiga and PC scene. Many trod the familiar fantasy path (Legend of Kyrandia, Revolution’s own Lure of the Temptress) whilst others aimed (and generally missed) for a slice of the Monkey Island humour pie (Curse of Echantia, Simon The Sorcerer).

However Beneath A Steel Sky steered its own path. There was humour in the script for sure but this was an adventure driven by the dystopian, cyberpunk infused storyline, fleshed out by the comic book that accompanied the original release (although sadly absent from the CD32 version).

As might be expected with the Dave Gibbons tie-in, this is a great looking title but it makes the list in part because of the excellent voice track available exclusively on the CD versions of the game which really added to the experience. It is a joy to play too. Unlike the majority of adventures, there are no on screen controls. You simply click with the left mouse button where you want to move whilst the right applies a context sensitive action. Your inventory is also hidden away; just push the cursor to the top of the screen and it drops down temporarily, disappearing again once no longer needed. It is a novel, user friendly approach and leaves the screen clutter free to enjoy the visuals.

One of the great point-and-click games released during the heyday of the genre, this was the definitive version released on the Amiga.

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