Retro Rated: Amiga 500 – Astra Pack


Tower of Babel

Out of all the games in the pack, this is the one I dreaded playing.

Developed by Rainbird Software and published by Microprose, this is a 3-D puzzle game that tasks you with taking control of up to three little critters to meet set goals. The Grabber, Pusher and Zapper each have differing abilities, as their names imply, and a combination of them is required to achieve your aims.

The game is presented in polygon filled vector graphics which, whilst they look fairly simplistic now, are reasonably impressive for the time. Movement is limited to single squares on the grid and you will need to jump between your various robots to manoeuvre them around the screen to manipulate various objects. Control is with the mouse, using a series of icons to direct your robots and select the required action, or you can program your robot with a set of instructions whilst you get on with something else. It even includes a construction kit allowing you to create your own towers.

This is one of those games that looks technically impressive and the sort of thing I feel I should like, but I just found it impenetrable. I suspect I am doing it a massive disservice, there might very well be a good game lurking under here somewhere but I simply didn’t have the inclination to go looking for it.

Tower of Babel featured in the first two Amiga Power All Time Top 100 game listings, peaking at number 50 in 1991.

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