Reventure | Review

There are only a few games that have managed to implement multiple endings well. Chrono Trigger and The Stanley Parable are two, but there are a fair few that have flopped when they attempted it. It’s a pretty difficult thing to really implement, especially for indie developers, as it’s massively time consuming. However, I’m a sucker for games that have multiple endings, just because it gives me many reasons to replay it, and really see everything a game has to offer. Enter Reventure, an indie game with a lot to offer.

100 for the price of one

Boasting a hundred different endings, it’s fair to say Reventure has a lot of replayability. Despite it’s relatively short nature, there are endings to be found in almost every action – or inaction – you can take in this game. It makes for some interesting gameplay, as you’ll occasionally find yourself hitting an ending completely unexpectedly because you tripped over a rock, or stood too close to a bomb, or maybe because you’ve chosen to hug a chicken. Each ending is accompanied with a short, funny cut scene that gives a bit more information about the ending you’ve found. Finding these endings is always a lot of fun, and is definitely worth seeing them because genuinely, they will elicit at least a chuckle out of you. They’re very well written, very funny and always rewarding to find.

I have to applaud Pixelatto, the developer of Reventure, for being able to create a game with such character, off of the back of rather basic retro styled pixel graphics. With every ending cut scene comes a gloriously well depicted scene, showcasing some of the cute characters and the bizarre ways the main character meets his end. In addition to being funny, they’re all really well drawn and animated, with plenty of gratuitous gore spread where required.

Repeat, repeat, and repeat again

While Reventure does have a hundred different endings and plenty of fun secrets to find, it does lack a certain flow to it. After a while, instead of actually trying to see the princess, I was repeating my actions but with slight changes to try to get every ending. I don’t think I actually saved the princess – or made any attempt to for that matter – for at least an hour or two after starting. When I did get around to it, I found the same problems. I was playing the same game, with a different character sprite, each time. The endings are definitely funny for the most part, but the amount of repetition did start to kill my brain after a while. It got to a point where if I put a blindfold on, I’m still pretty sure I could make it to the princess without getting hurt, because nothing really ever changes.

The Final Word

Reventure is good, but not great. It’s certainly not a game that you could sink hours and hours into, and it is certainly flawed, but it is still fun. There’s a lot of humour and, obviously, a lot of replayability. Once you’ve hit the hundred achievements though, then I doubt you’ll want to play the game again. You’ll get around 8-10 hours trying to get everything though, and some are pretty challenging, so definitely a good game worth playing.


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