Review – Kitty Power’s Love Life

A surprisingly deep city management sim with enough charm to forgive the flaws.

A surprisingly deep city management sim with enough charm to forgive the flaws.

Have you ever played a town simulation game and thought to yourself, if only this had a camp dating sim thrown in as well? Then this quirky title might well be right up your alley.

That’s one box crossed in innuendo bingo

Throwing you into the role of ethereal mayor, Kitty Power’s wants you to manage a town and help guide a hand in the love lives’ and minutia therein of all of it’s inhabitants. Starting you slowly with just two townspeople, the game introduces its formula of learning about each character individually, before putting you to the test in aiding them to further their relationship. You have to pick the topics to speak about over dinner, or make appointments for dates & even have to help partners to propose to each other. This is done in tandem with building and managing amenities in the town for your characters to enjoy, though these are of little consequence beyond being sets for the relationship drama that is the meat of the game.

Visually the game takes a top down isometric view like many IOS builders, but with a charming amount of effort put into character models and the animation of the game’s cover model Kitty Powers as well. Everything shines and comes across in a loving and camp manner than is reflected in the tongue in cheek humour seen throughout as well.Dialogue is littered with innuendo and clever skewering of social media memes, but whilst some of the humour misses the mark, the satire and campy comedy is mostly funny with a few occasions drawing a genuine chuckle out of me.The music is fantastic throughout, with the whimsical personality carrying through to every aspect and helping to accentuate the quirky and very British humour of Kitty Power’s herself. Even the voice acting is great, though most of the games characters express in an indistinguishable series of noises similar to The Sims, which still lends itself to the humour of the game.


When sitting down and trying to truly play the game however, the charm starts to fade away. Based on a daily routine, you have to watch your characters go about their routine which for much of the day on weekdays means staring at an empty screen. There is the option to speed up time, but this itself becomes tedious and it makes the daily routine dull. The buildings available for you to create lack in diversity, with most doing little of interest beside just sitting there. Whilst the dating sim aspect is fun, it also runs dry of original ideas fairly quickly, and unless you’re determined to

The comedy mostly works, though occasional lines fall flat

fill your town and make sure everyone is wildly in love there’s not much to drive you to continue playing after a few hours.

So though the meat of the game doesn’t offer as much depth as similar games in the genre, it may surprise you with how much is on offer. The game’s quirky style and camp allure certainly pave over a lot of the cracks and it’s a fun game whilst it all lasts. But the campaign slowly erodes into monotony with humour doing little to dull the boredom.

Kitty Power’s Love Life is a quirky, hilarious and surprisingly deep little gem worth the time of fans and newcomers alike, but whilst the humour and charm carry it so far, don’t expect to be playing it for very long.


–               Dream Daddy

–               Simpson’s Tapped Out

–               The Sims

–               Camp Humour

–               Shallow Gameplay

–               Micromanaging


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