Satisfye SwitchGrip 2019 Limited Edition Bundle | Review

Back in late-January, we checked out the SwitchGrip Pro Slim Bundle by Satisfye (you can check out the review here), and suffice to say, we were thoroughly impressed with what was on offer. During the holidays, the company released a limited number of these with even more promising additions.

Everything from the previously-reviewed bundle can be found in this one. There’s the aforementioned grip, where you can slot the console inside. Once again, it fits tightly without slipping or shaking, and it’s still comfortable to hold in your hands when you’re playing games on-the-go. It can also be placed on a flat surface, making it a much more reliable stand than the piece of plastic on the back of the handheld. 

So, what’s different this time? Well, the carrying case is much bigger. It’s still just as tough as before; its dense, waterproof outer shell has definitely been built to last, much like its carrying handle. However, unlike the previous bundle, it comes with additional carrying space for all of your well-needed accessories, not to mention almost twice as many slots to pop your game cards in. Plus, there’s a velcro strap to hold down the Switch, thus preventing it from bouncing around inside if you’re ever on the move. 

There are a few bonus goodies tossed into the mix as well, like a clippable shoulder strap, so that you can hold it over your shoulder. It’s reasonably-sized and pretty hardy, too. Alongside are a few analogue thumb pads, two controller rails to keep the Joy-Cons together, and an A-to-C USB charger with a resilient outer coating that protects it more than cheap plastic ever could.

The core price, that being $70 (£50) is a bit of a steep ask. However, at this moment in time, the whole shebang is set at $48 (£38). Considering that’s only a few bob extra than the normal bundle, it’s a steal. After all, it has a wider arrangement of helpful accessories and a more spacious carry case that’s even more portable-friendly. The whole thing would be a great starting point for Switch owners who need themselves the most convenient kit of goodies out there on the market.

Product donated for review by Satisfye. It can be viewed and purchased from their site.

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