Sly 2: Band Of Thieves

2004‘s Sly 2:┬áBand Of Thieves, sees Sly Cooper return, this time with more stealth and style than before. Not many sequels of this generation go on to perform better than their original but Sly 2 is an exception to this. Gone is that traditional, closed-in, 3D platformer feel. Making way for new gameplay scenarios and mechanics.

Digging The Klawws In

The Story follows Sly after his battle with Clockwerk. The pieces of Clockwerk are highly sought after and valued. The Klaww Gang have managed to get their hands on them, causing a great risk that Clockwerk could be rebuilt. Sly and his friends spring into action to steal the Clockwerk parts for themselves, so they won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Sly 2 offers gamers several worlds, each with its own missions and collectables to complete. Follow the Cooper Gang on their journey across the world to stop the Klaww Gang for good. Taking a different approach to the 3D platformer from last time, Sucker Punch Productions have done a fantastic job of reinventing Sly. You’ll be seeing new places, stealing shiny treasures and taking part in the story of Band of Thieves, now with the ability to play as Murray and Bentley in every world! Gameplay wise, Sly 2 doesn’t cut corners.

Ringtail’s Roundup

Our second instalment looks a lot better than the first, whilst maintaining that cel-shaded look we come to expect from the series. The varied world’s designs all play a part in the fun. From spooky castles to the arctic plains of Canada, get ready for an adventure with many disguises! Music in Sly 2 should be highly praised, keeping us just as intrigued and immersed as ever before. Sound effects are crisper this time and although Sly keeps some of the older sounds, it still keeps fresh material a priority in the sound department.

Overall, Sly 2 is a great game for all you platforming and stealth fans out there. It’s good to see one of Sony’s biggest stars in all his glory. You can pick up the Sly Trilogy on PS Now to play the first three games. A perfect balance of mechanics, gameplay and delicate level design brings Sly 2: Band of Thieves up to a solid ten. Massive improvements on the previous instalment and still plenty more to give. Highly recommended for the younger gamers.



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