Splatoon 2 | Mini Review!

What is it?

Splatoon 2 is a third-person shooter by Nintendo. It is a multiplayer-centric title with team-based battles featuring Inklings and Octolings. They can cover surfaces with ink in their human-form, and can swim in these pools as a squid or octopus. They must use this ability, along with a slew of ink-firing weapons, in order to defeat enemies and win online matches..



Great game modes, weapons, and unlockable gear which encourage all sorts of playstyles and adds lots of variety.
Flipping between a kid and squid is still a stand-out gameplay mechanic.
Vibrant colours and an eclectic soundtrack.
Story mode has more replayability than before.
Wave-based mode Salmon Run is tense as heck.
Story mode still remains the weakest mode since it’s pretty easy.
Connection issues rob you of your precious effort.


Splatoon 2 is a must-have title for any Switch owner. In fact, it’s a fantastic reason to get a Switch. The meat of the game comes from the multiplayer mode, and its wide array of maps with their own unique layouts and twists, not to mention the great ranked modes on offer. The standard Turf War mode (the team who coats the most map with their ink before time runs out wins), however, is accessible to all, and is brimming with replay-ability. There are so many unlockable weapons and upgradable gear, each with their own special abilities.

While fending off waves of deadly enemies and collecting the Golden Eggs in Salmon Run is a cracking coop experience, the Campaign mode is still the weakest aspect of the game. It puts up a fair challenge, but is nothing too daunting on the whole. Still, compared to the first title, the whole thing is bigger and better in almost every single way.


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