State of Anarchy

I’ve been stuck in a rut lately when it comes to newer games. I recently bought a Playstation 1 and it’s taken up a lot of my time, so I’ve been neglecting more recent games. I fancied a simple, but fun game, so I decided to give State of Anarchy a try. It’s a fairly simple looking top down shooter game, and with fairly decent reviews around the board, I wanted to give it a try for myself.

Firing on all cylinders

Pick up and play is the main message that the developers of State of Anarchy must have had in their head. There isn’t a lengthy tutorial or anything, you’re thrown right into the deep end and told to go and rob some banks. Usually, I’d be a bit miffed because I like having a good tutorial to show me the ropes, but it’s really unnecessary for this game. It’s so simple, and with the simplicity comes great fun. The difficulty curve is pretty spot on as well, with each new stage comes new challenges, but I never felt overwhelmed. I did have to change tactic occasionally to not get blown to smithereens, but it kept me on my toes.

State of Anarchy

Gimme dat money!

It isn’t a game I’d ever say anyone could play for hours on end, but it does offer something I’ve not really had since Trackmania Nations. Endless replayability and fun. Although it never really changes too much, it’s always challenging to go back and try to beat up more of the good guys in the game and rack up more cash. I definitely found myself coming back to the game – and still do – whenever I had five or ten minutes of downtime. It’s just quick, easy to get on and really fun to play with.

Shot in the foot

State of Anarchy feels like one of the games I used to play on or Fun, not overly heavy games that you could pick up and play as and when. This is good in some ways, because you could probably be quite happy in loading up the game and messing around in it for a few minutes before closing it. I’d love to play this on one of those websites, for free. But I can’t. Despite having all the hallmarks of a simple flash game, it is a paid for game, and it doesn’t really offer enough to be worth it. Yes, it is only a quid, but I’ve played free flash games in my browser that have more depth and mechanics, so I don’t see why I would want to pay for less.

State of Anarchy

You’re not getting in my way, gumshoe!

There is one feature – or lack thereof – in State of Anarchy which is a tad crap. It is a minor point, but one definitely still worth mentioning. The game is a basic twin-stick shooter with not much else to it. You run around, you gun around, that’s pretty much it. To it’s credit, the shooting is pretty solid and the running is hard to get wrong, so that’s also decent. It doesn’t really need much more than that, except when you beat a stage, you get a new weapon, and forever lose the one you had before. At the start of the game, I would get pretty excited – each weapon seemed to be an upgrade until I got to the second tier rocket launcher. After that, the weapon I was given was a pretty flimsy automatic rifle. Sure, the firing speed was about three times as quick as the rocket launcher, but the rocket launcher would annihilate everything in it’s path in one go. Didn’t matter how slow it was, it would do the job. With no way of getting back to that, I was pretty disappointed to lose it.

The Final Word

Okay, for a quid State of Anarchy isn’t bad. I do resent paying for a game that is so basic, but there are definite plus points to it. The artistry is basic but clean and clear, and it’s a constant challenge. Add to that the fact that it is really replayable and you have a fun game on your hands. I go back to it and have a quarter of an hour play every now and then and it’s always fun.

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