Summerset | The Elder Scrolls Online | First Impressions

Welcome to the home of the High Elves. Summerset was released on Tuesday morning in the UK and myself, the girlfriend and a couple of our friends geared up for a day of adventure. Our party of four was made up of the following (CP = Your in-game level, Champion Points):

  • CP 489, Wood Elf, Templar, Damage Dealer called Tat the Lad (Me when I was a lad)
  • CP 627, High Elf, Sorcerer, Damage Dealer called Tatandra (My Girlfriend and her Tat/Alexandra combination character)
  • CP 241, Argonian. Dragon Knight, Tank called Tar-Zeeus Casius (Our friend Bethan, with a very Argonian name)
  • CP 141, Redguard, Dragon Knight, Damage Dealer called Krathos the Gay (Our friend Shain, the happiest God of War around)

My partner and I had arranged for our newborn’s grandparents to take her for the night. After all, we both met on Elder Scrolls Online, so this was something we really wanted to do. After saying goodbye to our beautiful child for the night, I renewed my ESO plus and it was time to begin the journey. We were all very excited to start, meeting up at the ship bound for Summerset. This was sure to be a good day…

Adventure Calls

The first thing striking the group’s attention was daily and weekly login gifts. Finally! This is a much-needed change to ESO and we welcome it with open arms. The world of ESO is incredibly large, thousands of quests dot its landscape, Summerset was ready to administer its contribution to us. We did start off on a road following the main quest, re-introducing Razum-Da to the player. However, the Main Story was about to be put aside…

The Main Summerset story led us to the beginning of the Psijic Order quest-line. The Psijic Order is one of the new Skill-lines available to the player. It allows the user to bend time to their will. We expected a traditional hand-hold from place to place until the skill-line was unlocked, how wrong were we? The Psijic Order guild quests are actually a bit of a challenge. The quest is a treasure hunt of sorts that gives the player a map and some markings and sends them on their way. The location won’t be easy to find, but the reward is no doubt worth the effort. This guild and its quest will take you far beyond Summerset, so be prepared.

Great change…

Hours had passed and we had finished the first map of the Psijic order, done a fraction of the main quests and we were starting to experience the true Summerset experience. In this time we also got to check out the new crafting skill line: Jewellery Crafting. This new crafting skill line comes with collectables all over Tamriel, research properties on jewellery and lots of craftable sets. This feature has been requested for a while by the community and its finally here. Now we can work on crafting jewellery sets to get that perfect build we have always wanted. Just head to a jewellery station and unlock the skill line!

I want to mention the new Dolmen style activities scattered across Summerset. These new, aquatic-based Dolmens, called Abyssal Geysers. A great deal more flashy and lasting a bit longer, these Geysers feel just like a Dolmen from the main game. The Cloudrest Trial is also available for everyone with big groups to have a whack at, I have been told it is a formidable foe. By the end of our journey, we managed to get the public dungeon, Sunhold, under our belt. Sunhold is one of two new public dungeons available.

Wrapping it up

To summarise, Summerset is a nice, fat, fantasy package that really gives something to its players. There are lots to see and lots to do, holding at least 30 hours of solid gameplay. Everything is new, everything is shiny with the new Jewellery Crafting system. Time stands still, in a good way with the Psijic Order Skill. The theme song has been given an update and sounds great. Whether you are new to Elder Scrolls Online or a seasoned player, the Level cap has been increased to 750CP so what are you waiting for?

Where do I go from here? Well, I will be giving Summerset an official VG Almanac verdict after I finish the story. I will also be composing an official VG Almanac walk-through for ESO starting with Summerset. That’s all the lorebooks, all the skyshards, all the quests both Main and Psijic order, as well as the best way to proceed on your adventure. Watch this site for the official VG Almanac coverage. I can’t wait to see you there, catch you on the isles…


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