SwitchGrip Pro Slim Bundle by Satisfye | Review

Sure, the Nintendo Switch is a swanky console, yet it’s certainly not without its flaws. For one thing, the JoyCons are such tiddly little things that can be a bit uncomfortable to hold for a prolonged amount of time if your hands aren’t small enough to handle ‘em. Luckily, there are indeed solutions to this issue, one of them being Satisfye’s very handy (no pun intended) SwitchGrip Pro Slim Bundle.

The grip itself is a sizeable piece of equipment. It’s sturdy, bulky, and feels very comfortable to hold in both hands. Inside are small bits of rubber protruding from the plastic base, which holds the console and JoyCons tightly in place. Slotting it in and removing it is a doddle, as well, and there’s nothing to fear about it leaving marks or scraping the goods. It should be mentioned that you can’t slot the console in the charging dock with the grip attached. Hardly surprising, but it’s no deal-breaker. 

The two small stands at the bottom of the grip can help prop it up vertically, making it a favourable alternative to using the little handle on its back, which admittedly does tilt it at an angle in comparison. Anyway, this is useful if you want to play on a flat surface with others, providing you don’t remove the JoyCons. The console won’t fit in place without them, after all, which kinda sucks.

Thankfully, the bundle comes with a few bonus goodies, like a tough Slim Case to keep the console safe, complete with a silky interior lining, a sleeve that holds up to ten games, and a complimentary pair of rubber thumb pads for the analogue sticks. It’s got a carry strap made of rubber to prevent it from falling apart over time. While there’s little additional space to carry any bulkier accessories, the carry case is clearly built to last, and can at least fit anything like USB wires or earphones alongside. 

All in all, the SwitchGrip Pro Slim Bundle is an excellent pick for any Switch fans who’re after a more comfortable handheld experience. It doesn’t take any time at all to get used to it; it just feels so good to hold, even during extended playtimes. The carry case is of top quality, too, and feels like an essential inclusion, even if it lacks additional interior space. Simply put, the whole bundle is full of top-of-the-range accessories.

Product donated for review by Satisfye. It can be viewed and purchased from their site.

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