Teenage Blob (PC) | Review

I’m not overly sure where to start with Teenage Blob to be honest. I like to start with the positives, but in a game that took me less than half an hour to complete, these are a bit few and far between. One thing that is definitely fantastic however is the music. The Superweaks have constructed a set of six songs to be used as the soundtrack for this game, and it is impeccable. I’m a big fan of the sort of punk-ish vibe from the band and the songs are genuinely very fun, upbeat and one of the things that definitely had me coming back for a bit more. The art style as well is fairly decent. Animation-wise, it’s pretty horrendous, but the art is bright, colourful and has a quirky theme to it that makes it rather enjoyable to look at.

This must’ve been what happened when Paperboy called it quits – this dude took over.

It would be charitable to call Teenage Blob a video game. It’s simply an advert for The Superweaks to showcase their new album – a quite ingenious method, but nothing more than an advert with a few mini games that are both very short and not very inspired. The mini games, which last around four minutes each to coincide with the length of the song it’s being played to, are simple arcade knockoffs basically. You have a skating game where you need to high five people and collect bananas, a paperboy parody that sees you lobbing sandwiches through people’s windows and into letterboxes and a rhythm game in the style of Guitar Hero. These are the only three actual games that I could find, in a game that promises six games to link up with the six songs in it. There is a scuba bit when the credits roll, but the rest of the game is just move from the left to the right, which is rather dull.

Funnily enough, I’d actually buy the album. It’s a joke of a game, and you can see they’ve tried to be kooky and fun with their product, but as an actual video game, it falls flat. If I was a music reviewer, I’d probably be all over it. I do think Teenage Blob is a phenomenal vessel for the album and spreading the word about the band, but it’s a lame game that only really has any merit due to the soundtrack.


2 Stars

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