The Anxious Gamer Plays…Battlefield 4 | Review

Developed by:EA Dice
Published by:Electronic Arts
Format played:PS4


The modern console FPS scene has to some extent come to be dominated by the annual cycle of Call of Duty, but the Battlefield series has never been far behind.

Like its genre stablemate, Battlefield started out in the trenches of WWII with its initial outing, Battlefield 1942, in 2002, which introduced PC gamers to its multiplayer warzones. As the series developed, it explored new terrain and scenarios, from the Bad Company of Battlefield 2 to 2011’s Battlefield 3. And then in 2013, the series reached current gen with Battlefield 4, bringing the action smack bang into the present day.

Much like the series itself, developer EA Dice also has a long and storied history. Whilst they have become synonymous with the multiplayer maps of the modern FPS, the Swedish dev team cut their teeth in the more humble surrounds of the trusty Amiga. Starting out life as Digital Illusions, the developer turned from demo coder to games developer with the launch of the critically acclaimed pinball series, Dreams, Fantasies and Illusions between 1992 and 1995.

State Of Play

Although I have dabbled in, and enjoyed, FPS games in the past, it is a genre that I have never truly sought to embrace. Not through any inherent dislike of the gameplay but rather the multiplayer scene that accompanies them. Despite shelling out my £40-odd quid for a PS Plus subscription each year, I have never been a big fan of multiplayer games, preferring instead to concentrate on a solo experience where I can play in my own way, in my own time and to my own standard. I have resisted online multiplayer to such an extent that I feel overwhelmed by the prospect of it. What the hell is a loadout? What do I do with a perk? Do I have to talk to people? Will they get annoyed if I die all the time?

But as with all things anxiety, the only way to overcome the beast is to confront it. And so I intend to take my first tentative steps, headset and all, into the wide world of online shooters and see what awaits, documenting my experience, both the good and the bad, as I go.

But first, we have some training to do.

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