The Last Of Us Part 2 (PS4) | Review – The Cycle Of Vengeance

Developer: Naughty Dog

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: June 19 2020

Platform: PlayStation 4


Warning: This review is spoiler-free, but it may contain spoilers from Part 1


The Last Of Us is a game that came out of seemingly nowhere and became one of the most acclaimed games of its generation and the video game industry overall. It had fantastic gameplay and an intense story showing how the world would be if people lost their humanity for the sake of their survival. And now, we have the second part of the story. Did The Last Of Us Part 2 managed to live up the extreme expectations created from its predecessor’s success?

One of the best father-daughter relationship in gaming.


After the whole incident with the Fireflies, Joel and Ellie go to Jackson and live a somewhat normal life with Joel’s brother, Tommy and the city he helps run. A few years later, an attack made by outsiders forces Ellie to travel on a journey fueled by revenge, constantly having to deal with those she loves, or giving in to her hatred.


This game feels like it’s naturally evolved compared to its predecessor. Pretty much everything you could do is here once more, but now, it has more to offer. For melee combat fans, our lives got a lot easier, Now we have a dodge button allowing to avoid being caught by the enemies grasps. It can even evade clickers, who can instantly kill us once they catch us. In fact, even if you’re surrounded by Runners, you can beat them all without wasting a single bullet, just by punching and dodging.

Stealth is also an amazing feature. with an unbreakable knife, Ellie can use stealth to dispatch many enemies. Even the Clickers don’t pose as much of a threat thanks to this knife. Still, their hearing is a lot better, so be careful when approaching.

Enemies also are more varied. On the human side, we have better AI – melee fighters charge at you with big weapons, and are complicated to deal with your fists. Plus, dogs can track you down during those stealth sections. On the infected side, we have the Shamblers, who can burst spores everywhere, and Stalkers, who will sneak up on you.

You can also play as Abby, a new character whose plot I will not share to avoid spoilers. Her weapons and upgrades are different from Ellie, so there are some uniqueness to her play style, as well as making Ellie’s more unique too.


A silent approach through the grass.


The franchise’s story is as intense as ever. Complex characters and relationships; Heart-breaking moments and extreme brutality are just the tip of this iceberg. Characters will often do things that makes you question their moralities. There are no good guys or evil guys in this game. Well, mostly. Each character has their motivation, and it all makes perfect sense. I only sided with Ellie in her decisions simply because I like her, but the antagonists have as much reason on their actions as Ellie does. The only downsides I have with the story is that it can be slow-paced at times, which isn’t as bad because it gives us time for exploration, and some side stories between characters that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Still, even the side stories can be very interesting, so the overall experience is spectacular.

Character interactions is one of the many highlights in this game.


This game is more centered around its narrative and story, meaning it’s not meant to be an open world game nor anything of the sort. Still, the game does offer wide areas and encouraged exploration. You can find resources and ammo, which are limited in high difficulties, and even collectibles and new weapons that can be missed. Not to mention Easter eggs and conversations that are triggered by the scenario, getting unique insights of the characters just by exploring.


The Last Of Us Part 2 is an intense game that doesn’t pull any of its punches. The story, a selling point of the franchise, is as intense, figuratively and literally, as ever, and the gameplay is smoother and has more to offer. The game evolved every aspect from the franchise, and it’s one of the most detailed games I’ve ever seen in my life.

And one final picture just to show off the graphics.



5 Stars

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