The Royal Marines Commando | Mini Review

What is it?

The Royal Marines Commando is a World War II first-person shooter developed and published by City Interactive S.A. in 2008. As a member of the Royal Marines, you must embark on several covert operations in order to thwart Nazi Germany’s plans of winning the war.



Some half-decent weapons like the shotgun and MP40.
2 hours of gameplay, mercifully.
Janky physics; might get stuck in walls and your allies.
Atrocious graphics and pathetic animations.
Swapping weapons and springing is incredibly slow.
Uninteresting story with laughable voice acting.
Linear levels containing oodles of brainless enemies to gun down.


The Royal Marines Commando has aged like the corpse of a Jerry. It’s playable, but so mindlessly simple and uninteresting that it’s well worth ignoring, unless you’re into Euro-jank shooters from over a decade ago. At least it’s just barely tolerable to play, though that’s hardly a compliment.


1 Star

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