TimeSplitters 2 | Retro Rated

TimeSplitters 2 had everyone's backs with bots, oodles of game modes, and a monkey as a playable character!

TimeSplitters 2, for me, came with my original Xbox when I was a kid. This was a game most of my friends owned, and was one that we could play together. Back in the days of split-screen multiplayer entertainment, this first-person shooter thrived, and got a lot of people into gun games like these. What’s on offer is a colourful cast of characters, a crazy arsenal of weaponry, and its very own in-built map-maker software, which, to this day, is still a stand-out feature.


TimeSplitters 2 follows super-soldier Sergeant Cortez and his journey through time in search of special artifacts known as the Time Crystals. You’ll be taking on some nasty enemies and using an assortment of handy weapons, all of which are relative to their respective time-periods. Story mode has lots to offer and even more to enjoy, whether alone or with a partner.

One of the Story Missions sees you shooting Tribes people and Golems with a Crossbow.

So let’s talk about the aspects that made this game so awesome for me. Even if you finish the tricky story mode, the game offers a series of challenges to test your mettle, as well as pre-set arcade mode matches. Some are ridiculously fun, whereas others are certainly complicated to master. Achieving certain feats of accomplishment through challenges and story mode would reward you with new characters and cheats to use. Of course, you could always customize your own matches, and make them as wacky or tough as you’d want.

TimeSplitters 2 | Highlights

Map-Maker was glorious. This marvellous feature allowed players to make their own levels fight in solo or with friends/bots. In fact, it was my first hands-on encounter with level construction, something that would later go on to encourage me to chase a career in media. It was an easy-to-use drag & drop menu system that made piecing everything together a breeze. Players had lots to experiment with here, like scripted events, enemy placements, lighting, and more. Perfect for the would-be level-builders of yesterday.

TimeSplitters 2's Map Maker.

Personally, the graphics and music are of average-quality. I mean, it’s the gameplay that really stands out here. Graphics were decent for the time but there were dozens of other games that looked better. As for music, well, one positive thought to mention is the way Free Radical Design captured the feeling of each time period. Honestly, it isn’t the most memorable soundtrack out there, but it does offer a variety of tracks, some of which were taken from the first game.

Wrapping It Up

Aside from the occasional bug here and there, the game is pretty polished. While it did offer an online mode, playing with friends or family was so much better. Featuring a great story mode and plenty of game modes to try out, TimeSplitters 2 is a classic. During a time when online gaming was just a budding privilege for those blessed with an Internet connection, the game would keep you entertained for hours, even if you had nobody to play with! Despite some minor issues, this gem of a game deserves a place in the Hall of Fame.



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