Treasure Stack | Nintendo Switch

I’ve been getting into my Switch lately, with a whole slew of good games coming out recently. It has definitely inspired me to try new genres out, and although the match-three style of gameplay doesn’t usually appeal to me, Treasure Stack had a nice enough aesthetic that drew me in and I was more than happy to sit down and give it a play.

Bubble Bobble

You can never really go wrong with this style of gameplay. It’s tried, tested and always pretty solid. Treasure Stack does have a slight quirk in that you can place things after they’ve been dropped down, so you can try to match things up as they fall, to make things easier for you when they do land. However, there are also runes that pop up and try to ruin your day as well, so trying to keep on top of everything is a fun little challenge.

The most value that you’ll find in Treasure Stack is in the multiplayer option. Playing against another human being is where the most challenge is, and once you’ve mastered – and gotten bored of – single player, online is the next logical step. Fortunately, it’s quite a fun experience trying to battle against up to four other players for victory. There are also some benefits to playing online, as there is a season mode which offers some decent rewards that players may like.

Crash down

Despite the fairly easy to get to grips with gameplay, Treasure Stack is still pretty dull. After a few matches it’s tough to find the desire to continue with the game. It can be a bit frustrating as well, as the spike in challenge isn’t particularly fun. It seems like there is more focus on making it as difficult as possible to make it stand out, rather than making it fun. It is exacerbated in online play, as instead of relying on skill, you have to try to make do with the rubbish obstacles that fall your way.

The Final Word

The lack of variety in Treasure Stack makes it very boring, even with the online gameplay. It feels like it was trying to make itself the next competitive game that players would flock to, in order to stream or compete in to be the best at, but in reality, it’s probably going to have a spike of play at the start, and then, after a week or so, everyone will move on. It’s not that fun, and considering battle royale tetris came out at the same time, it’s not worth playing in my opinion.


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