Untitled Goose Game | Review

  • Release Date: 20th September 2019
  • Developer: House House
  • Publisher: Panic Inc.
  • Formats: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Scrolling through the Xbox Game Pass the other day, I stumbled upon Untitled Goose Game. Three years ago I played Goat Simulator and that was surprisingly entertaining. Honestly, do you want to know what I see when I look at this game? Art. A genuine expression of artistic-ability in every aspect. 

Goose on the loose:

Untitled Goose Game has a sarcastic and charmingly comical feel to it. Right from the first few moments hiding in a bush—you’re tasked with stealing the Groundskeeper’s cap and making him wear his sunhat. You get a rough sense of where the game’s going and how it’s going to play. Puzzle fans should be pleased because the solutions are not transparent; this game’s first-area had me scratching my head for fifteen minutes.

1. Bread, 2. Milk, 3. Carrots, 4. Steal someone's glasses.

1. Bread, 2. Milk, 3. Carrots, 4. Steal someone’s glasses.

Progressing into the following areas, I was savouring the mischief I’d participated in—but it just kept getting better! Controlling the Goose could be awkward for some, but personally, I think the controls aren’t much of a fuss. I still felt like I had to push myself a bit to get the objectives done, though. Nevertheless, the element of experimentation makes it all the more enjoyable. 

The goose that laid the golden egg: 

What we have here is a mixture of stealth, puzzle-solving, and comedy. Any indie-title that encourages players to think outside the box like this one has my vote. We should also mention this game’s play on the ‘evil goose’ stereotype. I know lots of people who are scared of Geese; they have an intimidating reputation.

This poor groundskeeper will be harassed by a goose. How pathetic.

Untitled Goose Game has grace, encourages creative thinking, challenges you with the need to remain stealthy. It looks and sounds appropriately quirky, too. So, what’s the catch? Aside from certain puzzles dragging on when you’re confused, there’s nothing bad to report. The developers at House House have created a golden egg in a nest of tranquil simplicity.

Winding Down: 

The game has a lot to offer in a short space-of-time. Asking players to use the mechanics of the game in such a creative way is admirable. As far as replay value goes, it’s safe to say that you can squeeze out more than a few hours from it. There are challenges for speedrunning and completing bonus objectives on your to-do list after you beat the game, which’ll help you snag those pesky hidden trophies and achievements.

Who knows what damage the goose could dish out with something as deadly as a butter knife…

On the whole, I’m left wanting more. While short, it’s a brilliant, surprisingly-stealthy and an utterly-hilarious experience. Fun for all the family! A true work of contemporary video-game-art that makes you thoroughly grin throughout.


5 Stars

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