Warriors Orochi 4 | Console Review

God’s desires to play out their games can only lead to the suffering of mankind. From the legendary developers behind Dynasty WarriorsKoei Tecmo and Omega Force bring us the highly anticipated fourth instalment in the Warriors Orochi franchise. Although I’ve dabbled with Dynasty Warriors in the past, Orochi is completely new to me, safe to say, I loved it! A super-safe comparison to the Orochi predecessors, this review is not. Instead, take this unbiased opinion of a newcomer to the series for what it is.


Warriors Unite

Unravelling itself as quite the epic story, Warriors Orochi 4 drags warriors from all over the fabrics of time and space. Zeus, the God of Gods in Olympia, has ideas of transforming the world. As you play the role of various warriors from varying time periods, from the Chinese Dynasties to the Heroes of Athens, Orochi 4 has a diverse and somewhat loveable cast. Cinematics are delivered in 2D and 3D styles, using both video-based cutscenes and narrative-driven stills.

Surprisingly, the sheer amount of content is staggering, the story alone should last you a couple of days. Characters, Relationships and Statistics all add to the overall impact of the personal story you’ll envelope yourself in. Certain characters will bond with one another from been in the same battle with one another, and this will lead to later rewards.

Warrior’s Game

Warriors Orochi 4 comes off as been overwhelming at first, (especially for the new-blood player like myself) but after a while, you’ll slip right into it. Steel and magic clash as bodies fly around the battlefield. Each character has a combination of abilities and skills that are somewhat unique to them (and trust me, there are tons of characters you’re going to be able to play as). Hack & Slash at it’s finest, Orochi 4 introduces players to a wide variety of attacks and magical abilities that can all be expanded upon in massive proportions. 

If you’re a fan of RPG-style levelling in your games, then Orochi 4 won’t disappoint. Each character can be upgraded and buffed individually; increasing the number of moves you have, your overall statistics and adding little perks to the battles you’ll play in. Aside from upgrading characters individually, you’ll also get access to hundreds of upgradable weapons with their individual elements and buffs attached. But wait, there’s more! If you think individual character levelling among dozens of fighters seems tedious, you can work on your camp, applying these upgrades will benefit everyone!

Beauty & Rhythm, Creating Harmony

Graphically, Orochi 4 performs as you’d expect it to, if not then better. There are some minor issues with choppy AI animations as well as clunky movement and model rotation. But all this is easily forgiven as you’ll swiftly notice the game is virtually bug-free. Despite minor issues here and there as mentioned above Orochi 4 delivers a very well-made product to us gamers. Magical abilities especially shine, their glimmer and glam they bring to your fighter’s style really blows me away! Magical graphics that should belong in the world of Dragonball are literally to die for!

Furthermore, I should mention that there are some sticky UI elements. Causing the screen to become flooded with golden, diamond-shaped, targeting overlays. However, for the number of models on-screen at once, the lack of lag is impressive and keeps the experience fun! Orochi 4‘s beauty will keep your eyes glued to the screen for hours and hours.

Warriors Orochi 4 is truly stunning!

Not only is Orochi 4 a great looking game it sounds great too. Whether you’re cycling through the game’s menus, battling hundreds of soldiers or just enjoying the story, Orochi 4 will keep your ears entertained throughout it all. What’s even more impressive is that you can select music before you start a battle. Finding your own personal ballad to ride into battle alongside is great fun! Suzuko Mimori has really done a great job with Orochi 4′s soundtrack!


To summarise on my experience with Orochi 4, this game is epic! As mentioned above there’re some pesky graphical glitches that can be a little irritating, but the rest of the game is pretty much bug-free. Trophies/Achievements in Orochi 4 are fantastic and will keep all the hunter’s thumbs busy for a while.

Challenge and replayability are second nature to Orochi 4, always giving you a reason to come back. Overall, Warriors Orochi 4 is a fantastic game and an excellent addition to the Warriros series!



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