The humble frisbee has come a long way. It started out as a pie dish that students used to throw around to eachother, but has now evolved to have various different games – disc golf and ultimate frisbee – that have leagues across the world. Despite this, there hasn’t really been a solid video game entry with the frisbee as the central theme. Windjammers is a game that tries to change this, albeit with it’s own spin on what would make a frisbee sport fun.

Frisbee Fun

For the most part, Windjammers is exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. The 16-bit, Sega Megadrive-esque graphics are absolutely gorgeous and the artists have really nailed the nostalgic feeling with the game. Each character has a unique look and feel, and each arena is different as well. They don’t just have a different appearance, but each arena has different zones to put the frisbee in, and some even have obstacles to bounce it off of to confuse your opponent. Every character has their own special moves as well, which can be activated by standing under the frisbee once it’s been thrown up in the air. They don’t always provide you with instant points, and some are a bit more useless than others, but they are a bit stronger and harder to defend against than the standard throws.


I played a fair bit of the single player of Windjammers, and I found it a bit of a slog to be fair. The first match up was pretty fun, after I got used to it, but thereafter it was a bit, well, dull. I kept turning the console off because I was bored, and having to turn it back on so that I could see more of what the game had to offer. But all it had to offer was more of the same. Each of the opponents do have different moves and are either fast or strong so it is varied, but not varied enough to make it interesting and worth going for additional plays. I did complete the ‘story’ mode, and while there were different pitches, it was still incredibly obvious how to win each match.

There were a couple of extra bits that I didn’t particularly enjoy in the game, the worst of it being the pre-match “THIS GUY VS THIS GUY” promo screen. Generally, I agree with these screens and think they’re a nice touch. I’m not really a fan of them being seizure inducing though. For whatever reason, the Windjammers developers thought the best thing for this screen would be best off as a nightmarish flashing image that I genuinely couldn’t look at for very long.

The Final Word

While the game looks nice – for the most part – I just don’t see it’s appeal at all. You can play it for all of ten minutes and be done with it, as there really isn’t a whole lot more to play in it. It’s a bit more fun when playing against another person, but I can’t imagine those games going to a second or third game. Once you’ve done it once, that’s pretty much all you need to play.


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