Witcheye | Review

I don’t often do full reviews of mobile games, as there are very few out there which I feel have enough content to really warrant a full review. However, I’m a bit of a fan of games that Devolver Digital publish, as they tend to have a good eye for what makes a solid game. At the very least, they always seem to produce the best looking games out there, so after I was offered a chance to play their latest mobile game – Witcheye – I was more than happy to give it a go.


And, as expected, the presentation of Witcheye is something that the developers can be proud of. It’s cutesy, even the witch main character is adorable, and all the enemy and boss designs are extremely well drawn. Every enemy seems unique, outside of their enemy template, and no two types really look too similar. Within the enemy ranks there are different levels of difficulty as well. Some may move faster, some may take more hits, or some may fire more projectiles, but whatever they do, as you progress the enemies start to look better and start to make you work a lot harder.

The controls in the game are quite unique too, in fact I’ve not really played too many games that have a control scheme quite like Witcheye. In order to move around, you don’t use the standard left screen to move left and right screen to move right, but you control a little orb by swiping around the screen in the direction you want to go to. While it took some getting used to, it is quite cool to be able to move around the world in such an easy manner, as you can just swipe and bounce off everything on your way to the end goal.

Being a mobile game, I did envisage Witcheye as something quite short. Something I’d probably be able to see off after an hour or two, but actually it’s got quite a lot of levels, with quite a bit of replayability. In each level you have to collect three green gems and a fourth blue gem, which drop off either enemies or boxes that you can smash open, and it can be quite a challenge to get everything in a single playthrough, so you’ll always find yourself revisiting levels to perfect them.


The only real thing I can say against Witcheye is that while the controls are pretty nifty, they are also fairly frustrating too. I found it fairly tough, especially when there were multiple enemies on the screen, to actually control the character. Too frequently I had no idea what was going on, and ended up getting crowded out by enemies and projectiles or missing crystals to collect. Perhaps I’m just a terrible adventure gamer, but the difficulty does ramp up quite quickly, and when you can’t easily control your character, it just removes the fun for me.

The Final Word

Overall, Witcheye is still a pretty fine game. The graphics are decent, music and sound are too, and the controls are innovative – if a little flawed. There’s plenty of game here to see and I’d say you’re definitely getting bang for your buck for only £3. As it’s an offline game as well, it’s perfect for the times you find yourself on a bus or train going through places that have patchy signal at best.


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