YouTubers Life

I saw YouTubers Life when it came out on PC and was somewhat intrigued with it, but never got around to playing it. Now that it’s getting a console release and I’m trying to get back into making YouTube videos so I can further bombard you with my sub-standard opinions on video games, I was definitely happy that I had the time and chance to get my hands on it for the XBox One.

A million subs

YouTubers Life has a very nice aesthetic. It’s cartoony, and reminds me of the attempted 3D cartoons from my childhood, only a lot more polished and attractive. There are a lot of bright colours and it may not be stunningly lifelike or anything like that, but it absolutely hits the nail on the head with what it’s going for. It’s an extremely attractive game, and it is animated beautifully as well. All the motions your character makes are fluid and have no faults to them, and are basically similar to how a person would react as well, so it’s pleasant to look at while you play through it.

One of the things that surprised me in YouTubers Life is that there is actually a pretty good amount of thought gone into each stage of your life as a YouTuber. You have to try to balance everything. For example, you start off in your mum’s house, and everything is paid for – rent and food, but you have to study to try to pass your tests. Doing so nets you a nice amount of cash as well, and gets your mum off your back! You can choose to ditch her as soon as you’re making money though, but then you’ll have to stump up the cash for rent and food, as well as the cost of running your channel, so it is a double edged sword. There are actually a few things in the game that make you stop and think about whether or not it’s the best move for you, which I genuinely did not expect at all.

No Views

There’s very few games that can do a good port, from one system to another. Usually I find that most developers these days develop for console, then make a shoddy port for PC – see Fallout 76 for the most recent example of that. YouTubers Life is the other way around. The first thing that really alerted me to this was right at the start, when it came to creating my character. There are a fair few different options to customise look, but every time you move from one to another, your character makes the same noise. Every single time, he or she will make the same weird grunt to say “this is new”. On everything. So if you want to drastically change your appearance, you’ll have to hear that annoying noise time and time again, until you go crazy and write a long paragraph on the internet about how bad it is. Obviously, on PC, you could just skip over it all and click what you want, but it’s not so easy on console unfortunately.

The biggest problem with YouTubers Life is the fact that it’s actually fairly limited. You’re presented with a few different potential options for your channel, and they do have some visual differences, but at the end of the day, you’re doing the same tasks across it all and it gets pretty boring over time. Admittedly, this may actually lend itself to the game having some level of realism to it, as YouTube is a horrendous grind at the end of the day. Despite that, I want my games to be fun, so I would prefer my game to be less ‘ultra real grind tasks’ and more ‘fun’.

The Final Word

There’s a good idea in the midst of YouTubers Life, somewhere. Probably on PC though. The console port is pretty sub-par and definitely could do with some reworking. It is still a fairly enjoyable game overall though, I’d say the game is probably pointed more towards the younger audience than myself though. The graphics are nice, and it does have a lot of varied content – even if a lot of the game is repeating the same tasks to reach the top.


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