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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Is Yet To May Win Our Hearts

(Originally posted on laurawritesanarticle.blogspot.com on the 27th of April 2021) Did the title of this article just rhyme? There may not be an official trailer for the second season of Green Eggs and Ham on Netflix yet [8], but there…
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Tough-As-Nails Boomer Shooter Viscerafest Acquires New Publisher

Can’t get enough of those lovely retro-style shooters, folks? Well, here’s another dollop of good news. Looks like Viscerafest, created by Fire Plant Games and Acid Man Games, will now have their super-challenging title published by 1C Entertainment. The company…
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Postal Dude Interview (Rick Hunter and Corey Cruise) – The Cyber Den

Whether he’s firebombing a marching band, using a cat as a gun silencer, or robbing armed-and-dangerous child movie stars, the eponymous Postal Dude of the Postal series always stands on top of whatever bizarre events occur in his life while…
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