Orwell – Mini Review!

What is it?

Orwell is a surveillance simulation game, that sees you sift through people’s lives in order to crack down on crime. It’s an interesting game, especially given how the UK have put the snooper’s charter into action, and will give players plenty of interesting and difficult choices to make.



Fantastic pictures of people.
Interesting subject matter.
Lots of info to poke your nose into.
Throws some moral choices your way.
Mechanics are a little dull.
Occasionally dragging and dropping doesn’t work.
You get treated like a moron at all times.


Orwell is an intriguing game. The subject matter is very interesting and is almost mirroring what is going on in the United Kingdom now, which makes it all the more playable. The mechanics of the game can be boiled down to just dragging and dropping, which is fairly dull – and occasionally it doesn’t work, leading to frustration, but overall the game is definitely well worth playing.


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