Castlevania (NES) Feat. Snapbackwill | Video Review

Hello! My name is William Mellamphy; I am a PhD Student at The University Of Suffolk and I warmly welcome to the first PhD level review that I have created and published with my team. I am currently in my second out of four years of doctoral study; my subject area focuses on both societal nostalgia and the historical importance of ‘5th generation’ video game consoles and software.

This review takes you through my personal playthrough of Castlevania and aims to provide the viewer with a both a historical and contextual lens in which to understand and enjoy Konami’s seminal hit. Castlevania┬áis a landmark title for the NES and is renown for it’s excellent gameplay, memorable music and relentless difficulty. Despite the title being over 30 years old, Castlevania is STILL absolutely worth your time and attention and we had an absolute blast playing through it for the creation of this video!

If you have a suggestion for our next video; please feel free to comment on this post to start a discussion or alternatively leave a comment on the YouTube video itself and we shall take your thoughts into consideration!

‘Snapbackwill’ is filmed in Ipswich, Suffolk and produced in Portsmouth by a small team of friends operating at a Post-Graduate level (MA / PhD).

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