Cheat Tuesday: Enter The Matrix (PS2 Gameplay)

: Enter The Matrix

Today’s cheat Tuesday video is on the Playstation 2 and its Enter The Matrix, where i used cheats to have fun with!

Here are the cheats i used, got them from IGN:

Unlock Everything

With any game save file on your memory card, select Hacking from the main menu and choose your save file. Press any key and when A: appears press and hold L2 + R2, L1 + R1.

Cheat List

Go into the Hacking system, and enter cheat at the A prompt to unlock the cheat menu. Enter these numeric codes to unlock the corresponding function:

All weapons 0034AFFF

Bonus level 13D2C77F

Invisibility FFFFFFF1

Faster Logos 7867F443

Infinite ammo 1DDF2556

Infiite focus 69E5D9E4

Infinite Health 7F4DF451

Recover Focus Fast FFF0020A

Enemies can’t hear 4516DF45

Enemies can’t see FFFFFFF1

Turbo mode FF00001A

Faster Logos 7867F443

Multiplayer D5C55D1E – Console Only

Low gravity BB013FFF – Console Only

Taxi Driving 312MF451 – Console Only

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